The ladies ongoing to bicker on the second component of the reunion spectacular, however some the them likewise broke under in tears. 

Yes, The genuine Housewives the Atlanta Season 9 illustration 22 to be an emotional affair that showed these ladies carry out like every other... Also if they spend lot of the season fighting. 


We kicked things off v Andy Cohen questioning whether Porsha Williams yes, really did to visit anger management. Kandi was rapid to allude out the she felt choose Porsha was lying when again. 

When it pertained to Porsha attacking Kenya top top the boat, Phaedra claimed that the other women purposefully bullied Porsha to get a reaction from her. 

Andy then want to understand where Kenya"s head was at v Matt Jordan. 

"He was an extremely sweet. He constantly seemed favor a pretty guy," she began.

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"When he began to show all this weird indicators of acquiring angry, hitting things, yet not being mad at me. Ns didn"t yes, really equate that to him being abusive."

Things took a hilarious turn once Cynthia tried come act as though she, herself questioned why Kenya was acquisition him earlier all the time. The problem? 

Cynthia was part of the reason Kenya took him ago on lot of occasions. Andy quizzed she on this, but she brushed it off, speak she feel they might make that work. 


Just as soon as we assumed the drama was dying down, Andy shown that Matt had actually shared a mrs Crush Wednesday post, claiming he was into Porsha. 

"Thanks, yet no thanks," Porsha said, but did she really typical it, or to be she simply saying the to store Kenya quiet? We"ll probably uncover out at part point. 

We finally got part much-needed understanding into even if it is Phaedra was talk smack about her divorce timeline. Phaedra claimed she could not understand why Apollo Nida to be contesting the divorce since she currently gave that $100,000. 

She brought along her final judgment papers, saying the divorce to be completed top top July 12, 2016. Kenya chimed in, speak there was no divorce the Apollo would not have the ability to contest it. 

The ladies ongoing to fire native of criticism at every other, however it never really acquired them anywhere. Andy asked Phaedra around why she just told Porsha around the divorce. 


Phaedra declared she just felt prefer telling friends. Um, okay. 

We then discovered out much more about Sheree"s strained partnership with Bob and whether she was still talking to him. Phaedra shown she felt favor his comments about choking Sheree were a step too far and that he should be answering because that them. 

Sheree claimed she had kept every one of his comments far from she kids.

"With Bob, it was a many verbal, emotional abuse, and we have had actually some altercations," she said.

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"I have not talked around it because that 10 years. I want to protect my kids and also I just never want to talk around it."

Well, the was fairly the connection drama. Right?!

What did girlfriend think the the second component of the reunion? are you on plank for more? 

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