Wish to try something bold and also vibrant? have actually you ever before tried red for her eyes? ‘When in doubt, wear red’ is a standard statement for lips. However can we pull off the daring red for our eyes too? Why not? Let’s shot something challenging! Red is an intense shade for the eyes and when paired through black, it have the right to turn into a striking combination. Wish to find out a bold eye makeup using red and also black? This will certainly be an awesome eye makeup for red and also black dress too.

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Red and Black Eye assembly LookRed and also Black Eye makeup Look

Start by using an eye primer to protect against creasing and also budging the the eyeshadow. Then, draw an outer wing in ~ the outermost edge of the eye to create an illusion that a heat connecting the reduced lash line to the brow bone area. Use a creamy kajal because that this action as it will aid in basic blending and smudging of the kajal later. Here, I used the Lotus Herbals Creamy Kajal in Black. That is ideal to usage a cellotape as a overview for this makeup, together it will aid in developing a solid wing and also will keep the makeup within the eye area.

Red and Black Eye assembly Look (2)Red and also Black Eye makeup Look (2)

Then, usage a smudge brush or a pencil form brush to softly blend the kajal inwards towards the eye area. Usage gentle strokes and also do no pull her eye area. Here, I offered the Colorbar smudge brush for this step. Then, set the creamy kajal smudged v a matte black color eyeshadow to prevent the creasing that the eyeshadow. Here I used the Kryolan matte black eyeshadow.

Red and Black Eye makeup Look (3)Red and also Black Eye assembly Look (3)

Pick a bright and also vibrant red eyeshadow of her choice, which could be in a satin, matte or shimmer finish. Together I want the eye assembly to be slightly soft, I supplied a matte red eyeshadow. Begin by applying the eyeshadow anywhere your eye lid area in tiny patting motions. Do not move the shade away together it will certainly fade and decrease the color intensity. Fill the shade all over your eye lid restricting the eyeshadow in ~ the folds area the the eye lid. Here, I offered the Claire Eyeshadow in 0504.

Red and Black Eye assembly Look (4)Red and Black Eye assembly Look (4)

Apply a tool brown eyeshadow in matte formula to the crease area that the eyes. This step is necessary in the totality eye makeup look together it will aid in creating a soft shift of colors from black to brown, thereby giving a soft smokey look to the eye makeup. Here, I offered the Elf day on the coast eyeshadow palette for the medium matte brown eyeshadow.

Step 5:

Red and Black Eye assembly Look (5)Red and Black Eye makeup Look (5)

Take a fluffy blending brush and also blend away all the used eyeshadows softly. Here, I offered the tapered Oriflame mix brush. Use brief circular movements to fade the eyeshadows slowly to gain a soft smokey look devoid of any type of harsh edge or lines.

Now take it the exact same matte black color eyeshadow provided in the previously step and apply it end the outer corner of the eye and likewise the wrinkle area to define the eye better. Here, i again provided the Kryolan matte black eyeshadow. If blending has resulted in fading that the red eyeshadow, you have the right to once again beat the eyeshadow come the center of the eye lid to make it appear vibrant and brighter.

Then, line your eyes special or thin depending upon your preferences. As I wanted to create a dramatic look, I used a thick line and winged that out. Here, I offered the Kryolan black liquid eye liner.

Step 7:

Then, use the same black and also red eye makeup using eye shadows used previously to the reduced lash heat of your eyes. This will sell a balanced look to your eye makeup. Then, line your waterline with your favourite kajal to define the eyes better. Here, I supplied the Lotus Herbals Kajal in Black. Then, apply the forced amount that mascara to complete the eye assembly look.

And you space done! Do try this vibrant and also bold eye makeup and also let us know exactly how it looked.

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