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Been reasoning of obtaining a pair 22"s just due to the fact that ammo is therefore cheap. The 10/22 to be the obvious 1st choice but decided come look around and see what rather was out there and ran across the Rem 597. The gun and also mags are cheaper, looks like I can save around $50 on the gun and also 30rd mags are about $8. I recognize the Ruger is the standard if you plan to customize but for my objectives out of package on either one is all i want. Any thoughts on them would be appreciated.
I have honestly heard nothing great about the 597… love remington yet they messed the one up. Go for the ruger.


If you want to store it entirely stock, the Remington is usually a bit more accurate than the Ruger. It would be my choice. The only real solid point come the Ruger is how customizable that is. The end of the box, the average 10/22 is naught special. You might take a emergence at the Marlin design 60/70 also. Fairly accurate and also reliable the end of the box.

Both are an excellent guns, yet the 597 hi-cap mags space junk. Plus with the Ruger there is much more accesories and also such.
I have personally left the ruger mags loaded for years and no problems .other after industry mags for the ruger space nice together well. One stop 50 rounds.My pipe fed weapons are not as conveniently reloaded . BTDT .Ruger hands down.

Never shot the Remington however the Ruger 10/22 is awesome. I have owned one because Christmas and also I have shot close to a crate of the federal 525 box v cheap Shooter Ridge magazines (25 count) and also the manufacturing facility 10 ring magaiznes. I only had actually one failure to feed v the gun and also that was through the factory 10 round magazine. The bullet go stuck under in the magazine due to the fact that the cartridge was pretty badly crooked. Over all the 10/22 is among the ideal guns ns have ever before shot.
I have both. Fine my son has the 597 and also I have the 10/22 target. I favor the 10/22 however must say that ns am impressed with the accuracy of the 597 out of the box.
10/22 every the way.... However you can look for an old Rem Nylon 66 v black stock and chrome almost everywhere else... Castle were pipe fed but an extremely dead on the end of the box!Also simply s fall dead sexy 22 rifle..!
buy (2) mossberg 702 plinksters. For the price the 1 10/22. Its simply as accurate and also reliable, comes in a bunch of different stock colors/configurations. It just doesnt have actually all the barbie doll apparel to dress it up like a mall ninja wanna it is in AR15.
buy (2) mossberg 702 plinksters. Because that the price of 1 10/22. Its just as accurate and reliable, come in a bunch of various stock colors/configurations. It just doesnt have all the barbie doll clothes to dress it up choose a shopping center ninja wanna it is in AR15.
Can"t seem come find any kind of hi-caps for the mossberg however they are a tiny cheaper than the Remington , i m sorry is a tiny cheaper than the ruger.
rugers space a great choice the 22 and also they are likewise highly customizable without needing gunsmitthing another thing you might be interested in taking a look in ~ is the cz 455 that the newer version that the 452 wich i have the 452 ultra lux is a sweet gun however the 455 is a 22lr but with a barrel readjust and the larger mags deserve to be taken to 17hmr or 22mag there a lil more but there really nice guns and also for the brand-new barrel/mag its favor $130
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Go with the Ruger 10/22, or conserve up a little more money and buy a smith & Wesson M&P 15/22. An excellent solid little rifles and handle an feel prefer the full size AR platforms. Surprising just how accurate they are and you can mount any kind of of the extras that you choose on her AR.
I have actually owned my one ruger due to the fact that I rotate 18. The was 18 year ago. Just one time has actually it ever failed me and also it was my fault, and also even the was 10 years ago. No matter what i feed it, or what magazines I use in it, the thing goes bang because that every round.Factory 10 round mags are constantly flawless. If you have the right to buy a target model, they are worth the little bit extra.I build my own 10/22 rifles now. Yet factory best out of package will perform for most people.

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My dad to buy me a 10/22 brand spanking new. I was favor a son on Christmas day!He payment $47.95 + tax. Have the right to you guess what year?God just knows how numerous rounds have been fired out of the weapon. The still looks virtually new. All my friend (when i was a kid) have actually shot it. Every 3 of my youngsters have shot it and also a the majority of their friend too.It"s bone stock.The Remington might be a great rifle, yet it will never ever win out over my 10/221971
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