Research and also Practice for Persons with major Disabilities is a critically acclaimed and widely check out scientific journal in the field of disabilities. RPSD includes breakthrough write-ups on such topics such together inclusion, augmentative and different communication, supported living, supported employment, early childhood issues, self-advocacy, positive behavior supports, impairment rights and issues of issue to families.

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This journal is the many influential automobile for steady research in the special needs field. Published quarterly, RPSD occasionally focuses on unique topics, together as cultural competency, extended by numerous of the most notable authors and also researchers in the field.

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RPSD statement of Ethics:The opinions express in the journal are those the the authors and also do no necessarily represent those of the editor, editorial board, plank of Directors, and also the Staff. Authors are motivated to it is in respectful of every authors they point out or persons to whom they refer, and are advised no to disclose any personal information about these persons that is damaging or hurtful.

You have the right to read the welcome article from Stacy Dymond, editor-in-chief that Research and also Practice because that Persons with significant Disabilities. If you would choose to send a manuscript, please check out the RPSD editorial policy and also author guidelines.

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*’s podcast, Amplified typically talks through authors of articles from RPSD. A listing of episodes featuring RPSD contributors is in the table below:

s4:e1When Students are Segregated: A examine of least Restrictive setting StatementsJennifer Kurth & Andrea Ruppar49:528-Aug-2019
s3:e1Employee Retention in Competitive integrated Employment for civilization with DisabilitiesCarol Schall41:198-Oct-2018
s1:e8What matters to family Members as soon as a family member Transitions to community LivingJennifer Jones & Kami Gallus40:4612-May-2016
s1:e7Special education Teachers and the General education CurriculumAmy Petersen26:1725-Apr-2016
s1:e2Teaching math to Students v Disabilities: What We’ve Learned in 10 YearsJenny Root17:4812-Feb-2016

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