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"You Wear it Well" is a track written by stick Stewart and also Martin Quittenton, perform by Stewart. It utilizes an arrangement markedly comparable to that of "Maggie May," one of Stewart"s hits from the vault year. Stewart taped "You Wear that Well" because that the 1972 album never ever a Dull Moment, and released it as a solitary on 12 August. The song came to be an international hit, getting to number one top top the UK Singles Chart. In the US, "You Wear that Well" peaked in ~ number 13 on the Billboard warm 100 chart. Stewart carry out the song live ~ above BBC"s optimal of the Pops with the complete lineup of Faces, in addition to Quittenton on timeless guitar and Dick "Tricky Dicky" Powell on violin joining them. A live version of the tune from his 2013 power at the Troubadour, West Hollywood was included on the deluxe edition that the album Time. An ext »

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I had nothing to perform on this warm afternoonBut to resolve down and write friend a lineI"ve been meaning to phone call you yet from MinnesotaHell it"s been a very long timeYou wear the wellA little old fashioned yet that"s all rightWell I intend you"re reasoning I bet he"s sinkingOr that wouldn"t contact meOh, ns ain"t begging or losing my headI sure execute want girlfriend to understand that friend wear the wellThere ain"t a lady in the land for this reason fineRemember lock basement parties, her brother"s karateThe all day rock and also roll showsThem homesick blues and also radical viewsHaven"t left a mark on you, you wear that wellA little out that time however I don"t mindBut i ain"t forgetting the you were once mineBut I blew it without even tryin"Now I"m eatin" my love outTryin" to get a letter throughSince you"ve been gone it"s difficult to lug onI"m gonna write around the date of birth gown that ns bought in townWhen you satellite down and also cried top top the stairsYou knew the did not expense the earth, however for what it"s worthYou make me feel a millionaire and also you wear that wellMadame Onassis acquired nothing top top youAnyway, mine coffee"s cold and I"m obtaining toldThat i gotta get back to workSo when the sunlight goes low and also you"re home all aloneThink of me and try not to laugh and also I wear the wellI don"t thing if you contact collect"Cause i ain"t forgetting the you were as soon as mineBut I go out it without also tryin"Now I"m eatin" my heart the end tryin" to get earlier to youAfter all the years i hope it"s the same addressSince you"ve to be gone it"s tough to lug on

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stick Stewart Roderick David "Rod" Stewart, CBE (born 10 January 1945) is a british singer-songwriter, born and raised in north London, England, and currently residents in Epping. He is the Scottish and also English ancestry. With his distinctive raspy to sing voice, Stewart pertained to prominence in the late 1960s and early 1970s v The Jeff Beck Group and then Faces. He released his solo career in 1969 through his debut album an Old Raincoat Won"t ever before Let You down (US: The pole Stewart Album).

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His work with The Jeff Beck Group and also Faces influenced heavy metal genres. An ext »