Round and also Round it Goes Meaning

Definition: A wheel is transforming and no one knows when it will certainly stop; a situation causes itself to repeat again and also again.

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People regularly use this because that roulette wheels or various other wheels provided in games of chance.

Origin the Round and Round the Goes

The full expression is round and round the goes; where it stop nobody knows.

This rhyming idiom most likely ended up being popular because of its use on a radio show called Major Bowes initial Amateur Hour, which ran in the 1930s and 1940s. The is possible that carnival workers offered this expression before the present in an effort to attract civilization to pat spinning wheel games.

Although this expression is typical for wheel games, people sometimes usage the an initial part, round and also round the goes, for any kind of situation the is repetitive.

Examples that Round and Round it Goes

This instance shows two college students using the idiom while mentioning their difficulties with your parents.

Frank: ns just gained off the phone through my parents. Ns feel even an ext stressed now than i did before talking to them.

Karl: Yeah, me too. I was already stressed around taking my final exams, but now the pressure from my parents made me feel worse.

Frank: If my parental would assistance me more, ns think I’d perform far better academically.

Karl: Me too. Instead, my parental yell at me, and also I get an ext stressed. Then, I execute poorly on my schoolwork. My negative grades do my parental yell in ~ me more, and the bicycle starts over. Round and also round that goes.

In this example, two friends are at the grocery store deciding what to buy to cook dinner.

Lily: ns wish I might buy this chocolate, yet I’m top top a diet.

Grace: friend shouldn’t refuse yourself every little thing you love to eat. If you try to be also strict around your diet, you’re cravings will get so bad that you’ll provide up the entire diet fully and gain even more weight. That will reason you to begin a new diet, which will have the exact same result. Round and also round the goes!

More Examples

The excerpt below the cyclical nature of college football and also some that the scholastic problems this causes.

This excerpt is around an idea for firing coaches.

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The speak round and round that goes is part of a rhyming expression that people use come reference game of opportunity that show off rotating wheels, such as Game the Fortune. Lock can likewise use that to describe anything cyclical in nature.


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