Sam Riegel, sometimes well-known as Jack Lingo, is an American voice actor, director, and writer with several credits in many movies and also web productions. The is a cast member the the famous web collection “Critical Role” in i m sorry he and also other members that the show play the video game “Dungeons & Dragons”.

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This talented voice actor has actually made a the majority of contributions come television, and also has no doubt voiced quite a variety of your favourite characters, together we chandelier see. From 2003 to 2009, he to be the voice of Donatello in the commercially effective animated collection “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”.

Sam Reigel has additionally won reputation awards because that his work, proving that he is a understand at what that does. Us will gain to this and other details in the course of our article, first let us consider the biggest facts around this actor.

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CareerPersonal life

Top 10 facts about Sam Riegel

Sam Riegel to be born top top 9 October 1976 and also will turn 44 years old top top his birthday in 2021.He is the brothers of actress Eden Riegel and halfbrother of film housing Tatiana S. Riegel.Riegel and his wife witnessed the 9/11 attack and also recorded video footage that was subsequently offered in numerous documentaries.In 2018, Riegel received a Daytime Emmy award for his job-related on “Danger & Eggs”.Riegel’s stepfather is writer Jerome Charyn, when his biological father is a radio astronomer, environmental executive, and sailor.Riegel is married come cinematographer Quyen Tran, and they have actually two kids together.Sam Riegel height is noted as 1.83m or 6 feet.“Critical Role” to be a brainchild of Riegel and his girlfriend Liam O’Brien’s podcast “allworknoplay”.As a child, Riegel action in numerous Broadway plays and appeared in the Kennedy facility production the “Les Misérables”.He currently acts as a dialogue director top top the present “Fancy Nancy”.

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Early life


Sam Reigel was born Samuel Brent Oscar Riegel ~ above 9 October 1976 in Washington D.C. Come Lenore (mother) and Kurt Riegel (father), a radio astronomer, environmental executive, and also sailor.

Reigel is Jewish and was born right into a household that is filled v creatives prefer himself. It is no wonder that the man is such a grasp at his preferred profession. His sister is actress Eden Riegel, who has actually acted in number of productions including, “All mine Children”, transforming her character right into a happy icon and a popular figure within the show.

Riegel is also the half-brother of movie housing Tatiana S. Riegel, who is well-known mostly because that independent movies prefer “Lars and the real Girl”, “The method Way Back”, and “I, Tonya”.

If you thought that was all in this family of creatives, climate you’re wrong. There’s also a writer among them—Riegel’s stepfather Jerome Charyn is a prolific writer who has actually written nearly 50 publications in 50 years.

Sam Riegel has actually nurtured his passion for acting due to the fact that he was young. Once he was younger, Riegel plot in several Broadway plays and appeared in the Kennedy center production the Les Misérables.

After high school, Riegel attend the college of Virginia, wherein he came to be a part of the acapella group, The Academical village People.

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Sam Riegel’s career began in 2001 as soon as he voiced Tristan and Rex in “Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters”. After that, he began getting a lot more voice-acting roles. In 2003, he voiced the duty of Jack Lingo in “Samurai depths Kyo” and “Animation runner Kuromi”.

Riegel is best known because that his function as Donatello in the 2003 animated series “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and also Phoenix bright in the “Ace Attorney” games.

What Riegel is most well-known for, however, is his function on “Critical Role”, where he play the gnome bard, Scanlan Shorthalt, and the human artificer Taryon Darrington. He later left those roles and also took on the of a previously goblin halfling rogue, Veth Brenatto. Not just did that play these functions perfectly, but he was likewise the dungeon master for some episodes in the show.

Also, Riegel dram Nott the Brave, a Goblin Arcane trickster Rogue. Since the character is female, it became the an initial main campaign character to have a player of opposing gender.

The gibbs has likewise worked together a voice director because that the Disney small animated collection “Sofia the First” and also the Disney Channel/Disney XD animated series “Wander over Yonder”. Here, he voices the personality of Emperor Awesome. He also provides the voice for the personality of Hiroman in the English dub version of the movie “Stitch!”.

How to be “Critical Role” created

Before “Critical Role” began, Riegal and also his ideal friend, Liam O’Brien produced the podcast “allworknoplay” as a way for them to destress and have some funny away indigenous work. On the podcast, the two debated a hold of topics ranging from work, life, playtime, and the time that former “Critical Role” actors member Matthew Mercer invited them over to beat “Dungeons & Dragons”.

Basically, a an easy “Dungeons & Dragons” video game started the super exciting journey for this group of people. During episode 2 of “allworknoplay”, O’Brien and Riegel talked around a one-time Dungeon & dragons game that they want to play for O’Brien’s birthday.

The players delighted in the game so much, though, the they ongoing playing it, and also shortly after, they relocated it to geek & Sundry where they converted it come a live-stream format. In 2019, the cast left geek & Sundry and collection up their very own production home called vital Role Productions. After ~ that, the team aimed to raise $750,000 top top Kickstarter to produce an animated collection based top top their first campaign. Well, they finished up elevating $11 million.

Amazon Studios has due to the fact that announced that they have obtained the streaming civil liberties to the animated series, i beg your pardon is now titled “The Legend of Vox Machina”. Riegel will reprise his duty as Scanlan Shorthalt in the upcoming series.

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In 2018, Riegel won a Daytime Emmy—one that the film industry’s many prestigious awards—for his occupational on the animated collection “Danger & Eggs”.


Personal life

Sam Riegel is married to a fellow an innovative like himself. It does seem prefer he loves come surround himself (whether intentionally or unintentionally) through creatives. He can just love the idea of being approximately fellow creatives or it can just be his luck. One of two people way, Riegel is married come cinematographer Quyen Tran.

She is additionally incredibly good at what she does and also has functioned on lot of Sundance movies including “The small Hours” and “Deidra & Laney rob a Train”.

Tran began her career as a photographer and also her images have appeared in the New York Times, USA Today, BBC, CNN global News, PBS, clinical American, Variety, and also many more publications.

She has likewise been nominated for the people Press photo Award. Although she walk not success it, she won several others awards including, best Cinematography UCLA Spotlight in 2008, 2007, and 2006; best Feature Cinematography – Wild climbed Film Festival; Federico de Laurentiis Memorial Scholarship; and the national Theater Goers Alliance Scholarship.

Tran functioned as a photographer until the occasions of 9/11 which she witnessed. After, she chose to go to UCLA to examine film. She moved west v Riegel to do this. Now, the pair has two children, a boy and a girl.

Sam Riegel and Quyen Tran

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Sam Riegel 9/11 experience

Sam Riegel and his mam Quyen Tran observed the 9/11 assaults that took place on 11 September 2001. The events of now were terrifying for also those who caught a glimpse of it and those that watched from afar, but for those who were there, the trauma must have actually been great.

Riegel and also his mam were so close to the happenings of the day that the dust cloud indigenous the please of the south Tower rained top top them. They make their means to Battery Park, and from there, castle watched together the north Tower collapsed.

As all this happened, though, Riegel captured the please of the pair Towers, as they were famously called, maintaining history. The video clip footage the Riegel recorded was then supplied in number of documentaries that have been made about the events of the tragic day.

After the pair left the scene, they moved to California whereby Tran enrolled at UCLA. There’s something about witnessing that much tragic loss that may have inspired Tran to follow what might have to be a lifelong dream.

Sam Riegel net worth

What is Sam Riegel network worth in 2021? it would loss within the range of $2 million to $5 million, although that is hard to accurately phone call what his network worth is since he has numerous streams the income.

The actor has remained in a most productions, including the popular “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. The has additionally lent his voice to several net comics, video games, anime, animation films, and so lot more.


Not just is that a voice actor, he is additionally a writer and also director who has operated with Disney, Fox, and other providers in plenty of capacities. What is more impressive, actually, is the fact that Riegel is still producing super entertaining content, specifically with an important Role Productions, therefore his network worth is projected to rise in the comes years.


So many civilization have dreams so large that castle balk at them and also then give up them out of fear. Such was no the instance for Sam Riegel. The didn’t also have a an option seeing together he came from a family members of fellow creatives and also go-getters. He’s even married come one!

Thanks to his tenacity and creativity, Riegel has starred in numerous movies and also his production credits run right into the sixties, i m sorry is impressive. Riegel has actually made a surname for self in the video game and also voice acting industry, even winning awards for his work. We can’t wait to view what his talented actor does next.

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