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Thousands are known to conference at key Street, U.S.A. In Disneyland because that an un-frog-gettable New Year"s night celebration. Part frogs may even say it"s the golden State"s variation of brand-new York"s times Square. Planning on celebrating new Year"s eve at Disneyland? here are our finest tips to manage the large crowd and even larger entertainment. Carry out the noisemakers! Ribbit!

Expect come be surrounding by your new best friends, due to the fact that this is Disneyland’s most crowded night the the year. New Year"s eve is part of the Holidays in ~ Disneyland Resort, which means you can expect continuous holiday entertainment, add to special events held simply for the brand-new Year"s celebration. It is a many to save track of, but we’ve damaged it down by what you should know. Follow our Frog household tips below for celebrating brand-new Year"s night at Disneyland.

Tips because that Celebrating brand-new Year"s night at Disneyland

Because this year is a bit various from previous years, the is tough to predict specifically what brand-new Year"s night at Disneyland will certainly be choose in 2021. The parks will be totally decked out for the holidays with all the vacation entertainment return (except for world of Color and other big shows such together Fantasmic! Frozen and also Mickey"s wonder Map). With parades, fireworks and also snowfall, it will certainly feel similar to old times. You can usually encounter DJs roughly the parks and special entertainment and countdowns come the new year. We room taking a look in ~ what you must know around ringing in the brand-new year in ~ the happiest place on planet this year.

From what us know, what"s come come and how 2021 has actually gone therefore far, here is our best advice for celebrating new Year"s eve at Disneyland 2021.

1. Acquisition tickets and also reserve early.

New Year"s night at Disneyland is one of those days in i beg your pardon the parks hit capacity in a normal year. Now that there is is reduced capacity and also a reservation device in place, the park will sell out in well in advance. Therefore it"s tough to suspect crowds level this year, yet we can say through confidence that people should purchase tickets and make park appointments ASAP.

2. Select one park to visit.

Do you need a park hopper or a 1-Park ticket? Normally, new Year"s night at Disneyland is not a an excellent day to park hop. If you leaving one park and it access time capacity, you might not be able to get back in come the park you want to visit later. Us recommend making your an option based on wherein you’d favor to be for the one-of-a-kind evening entertainment. As soon as you select a park, bring everything you require for the day and also plan to stay. Gain a locker to store sweatshirts and also items you perform not want to lug all day. When we have not run into troubles park hopping however in 2021, however the holiday time is as soon as we could see parks struggle capacity and also pause letting park hoppers in. Disneyland Park is much more likely to pause in letting guests in, yet it has likewise been recognized to take place at Disney California Adventure too. Crowds have the right to vary year through year, so staying placed is one way to stop unknown complications.

3. Come early.

We cannot tension this enough. Come early, preferably in the morning. Come before park opened to avoid a lengthy wait getting in later. Intend longer-than-usual wait times because that traffic, parking and going v bag check and also turnstiles on brand-new Year"s Eve.

Both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park usually open at 8 a.m., however they typically let guest filter in a little early before Rope Drop in ~ 8 a.m. Friend cannot access the rides and also most of the park prior to Rope Drop. Ideal now, over there is no early on park entry through Extra Magic Hour or Magic Morning. This perks have not changed yet. In typical years, both parks offer an Extra Magic Hour because that registered hotel guests beginning at 7 a.m. Disneyland Park also has Magic Morning in ~ 7 a.m. Because that guests v a CityPASS or precious 3+ job ticket. Disneyland is open up until 2 a.m., and also California Adventure closes at 1 a.m. Inspect out park hours and events on our Disneyland crowd Calendar.

4. Dress in layers.


No issue which park friend visit, be prepared for cooler weather. Over there is sunshine during the day, but Southern California winter nights space chilly. Layers room your ideal bet, together crowds execute keep Disneyland contempt warmer 보다 it is outside of the gates. Bring a backpack for jackets and hats (or umbrellas/ponchos) or rent a locker. If you have a backpack, we recommend bringing refillable water party or snacks to avoid lengthy food and also beverage lines. Usage Mobile Order come skip food lines, yet be certain to bespeak a couple of hours early.

5. Utilize the new Disney Genie and Genie+ to conserve time and plan your day.

This will certainly be the very first New Year"s night at Disneyland because FASTPASS and MaxPass have been retired. A new free planning organization through the Disneyland app, called Disney Genie, have to be the end of the bottle at some point in fall 2021. Disney Genie can assist you setup out your itinerary in real time, making suggestions for things you tell it you desire to do and also letting you know when wait times room shorter.

In addition, together a replacement because that MaxPass, Genie+ is a new paid service. Because that $20 every guest, per day, Genie+ permits park goers to skip stand-by lines and also use the Lightning lane entrance for pick rides. Brand-new Year’s night and new Year’s Day might be precious paying the extra money for Genie+, as lengthy as you will certainly be there early on in the day to start making selections. You might only pick one ride at a time. Another perk is that the Genie+ option has unlimited PhotoPass downloads because that the day. We love PhotoPass, as we enjoy preserving hoppy memories and posting ours froggerrific photos. Hop over to our Disney Genie and also Genie+ FAQ because that answers to typical questions.

It is always a great idea to have actually a touring setup in mind, however with large crowds, it can be hard to predict i beg your pardon attractions will have actually the biggest lines or just how hard it will certainly be to walk around. Hit your must-do rides first and be flexible. Think of longer wait time as top quality time invested with your friends and family. Play games to happen the time and make being much more patient part of your new Year’s resolution! and also bring those portable phone chargers to store your phones going all day.

Pirates the the Caribbean and also the Incredicoaster usually have fast-moving lines. Shot to acquire a Lightning roadway reservation because that "it’s a little world" and Haunted Mansion vacation on brand-new Year’s night instead. Castle both have actually longer-than-usual lines during the holidays since of their seasonal overlays. Splash Mountain can have a much shorter line as result of cooler weather. Stay a poncho or sit near the ago if you do not like to gain wet. Gift wet and also cold is no fun.

Most big shows have actually not yet went back to Disneyland Resort, for this reason you"ll desire to look for other methods to sit down and rest throughout the day. Take benefit of smaller sized musical acts and also other park entertainment alternatives that don"t have a line this day.


6. Be entertained.

Just have fun during brand-new Year"s night at Disneyland! If you find yourself leering at the massive crowd, simply think of that this way: You might be house on the couch (or on her lily pad) the town hall the sphere drop ~ above TV rather of security memorable time through your loved ones at Disneyland. So relax and also let the an excellent times roll! Plus, if capacity is still lower by new Year"s eve this might be the least crowded year yet!

Check the to chat calendar because that the Christmas Fantasy Parade, fireworks and also other entertainment. The entertainment calendar is up 6 weeks in advance, however, an ext specific details often tend to show up in the week ahead of time, so save checking as brand-new Year"s eve approaches. Girlfriend will need to camp the end sooner than usual because that parades and also the fireworks. Store your eye on the parade route to gauge once to acquire your spot. We estimate about an hour and a half to two hrs is effective. Simply keep her eye on it, together crowds can be unpredictable. Usage that time to sit down and also relax — it’s a lengthy day, so usage your wait time as a welcomed rest. If the forecast is chilly, lug a slim blanket come stay heat while you hold your spot.

During the holiday season, you can enjoy nightly snowfall. Eye falls during the Wintertime charm at resting Beauty lock on main Street U.S.A., commonly at 7:30 p.m. On brand-new Year"s Eve.


On new Year"s night at Disneyland, park guests room treated to not one, however two fireworks shows. Exactly how frogtastic! The fireworks that ring in the brand-new year on new Year’s Eve can be Mickey"s Mix Magic show. (In past years, it has been “Fantasy in the Sky” Fireworks Spectacular). Show times room 9 p.m. (earlier than usual!) and also 11:59 p.m. The new Year"s night fireworks integrate festive and also explosive fireworks v a rockin" party playlist be crazy by DJ Mickey and a countdown to midnight for both east Coast and West shore times.

If you want to clock fireworks near the castle or main Street, talk to actors members early on in the day because that advice on once to acquire your spot. Mean to see civilization getting right into position many hours before the show, perhaps as early on as noon. Mickey and also Minnie have been recognized to do an appearance for the midnight show. Uneven you room absolutely determined to see the fireworks at the lock or along key Street, this is maybe the one time we"d introduce watching castle from alternative locations in the park.

There were two fireworks packages for brand-new Year"s eve at Disneyland in 2019. Plaza Inn had a fireworks dining package (more below). You can additionally ring in the brand-new Year at the brand-new Year"s night Enchantment in ~ the Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge suffer that will put you above the group (more on the below, too). Dining packages have actually not reverted for 2021, so store checking earlier on this.

You have the right to see the full show well native "it"s a small world" and also can check out the burst and also hear the music at Rivers of America. Other good spots to clock them include Star Wars: Galaxy"s Edge and near the leave of big Thunder hill Railroad or by Dumbo. However, you may not hear the accompanying music or check out the explode closer come the castle in few of these locations. If you choose to see the fireworks elsewhere, the will save you time indigenous camping out; usage that time for more rides. Actors members usually have actually the ideal advice and will understand where girlfriend can and also cannot stand. This avoids you from claiming a good spot just to uncover out as well late that it is a designated walkway. Finally, once the fireworks space over, let the crowds thin out before you exit the park. Go on one more ride or two, or acquire a snack while web traffic dies down. The line earlier to the Toy Story shuttle can get long!

In a normal year, another great show to catch is Fantasmic! It has actually not reverted yet and also is not meant this vacation season. Guests have the right to usually enjoy two showings. Next year, setup to acquire in place for a standby location, possibly hours in advance. The an initial show will be starting as the an initial fireworks show finishes, vice versa, the 11:35 p.m. Display will be finishing as the midnight fireworks start. There are additionally Fantasmic! dining packages the can obtain you desired viewing locations.

Be top top the lookout because that dance parties, which might pop up (hop up?) ~ above the calendar. There are new Year"s night Countdown Celebrations at "it"s a tiny world," Rivers the America and also Sleeping beauty Castle.


When celebrating brand-new Year"s eve at Disneyland, you might select to party the night away at Disney California Adventure Park. The celebration heats increase up in the civilization of shade viewing area with a DJ and new Year’s party. You"ll uncover a brand-new Year’s night Countdown Celebration native 10:45 p.m. Until 1:00 a.m. The people of color show has actually not however returned. For the holidays, the normal present is civilization of color — Season of Light. Us hope that returns next year. The Hollywood Land dance Party is hoppin" indigenous 8:00 p.m. Until 1:00 a.m. In the past, there has actually been a new Year"s night Countdown in Hollywood Land, together well. Be certain to ask around it in the park!

A variety of bands will entertain you transparent the job as component of Disney Festival of Holidays. The festival food and also beverage booths are usually open up until native 10:30 a.m. To 9 p.m. One benefit to celebrate at Disney California Adventure is the you may enjoy adult beverages if that"s important to you. Reap meeting characters, native the citizens of Radiator Springs until 1:00 a.m., to your standard Disney pals ~ above Buena Vista Street until 11:30 p.m. Examine the entertainment Schedule for much more holiday entertainment, such together the Disney Viva Navidad! Street Party and also Mickey"s Happy Holidays.

7. Reap special new Year’s night dining.

With long lines and also crowded walkways, acquisition a break because that dinner is a crucial step. A festive enjoy the meal is also a frogtastic method to get into the brand-new Year’s night spirit! inside Disneyland or Disney California Adventure, we recommend do dining bookings up to 60 work in advancement to avoid lengthy restaurant lines. If you want to make a preventive at a table-service restaurant or acquisition a dining parcel for brand-new Year’s eve (if available), appointments are open as of early November and also fill up quickly. If you have actually missed the reservation window, consider using mobile Order to skip the food lines.

You"ll also find unique dining in ~ the Disneyland resort hotels once celebrating brand-new Year"s night at Disneyland. As we pointed out before, us don’t introduce leaving the parks on this day. If you do depart because that a meal, yes sir no guarantee you’ll be let ago in.

Two areas now serve alcohol at Disneyland Park. Blue Bayou supplies beer, wine and also Hurricanes (as well together alcoholic-free themed drinks through festive light cubes). Oga"s Cantina has out-of-this-world themed drink in Star Wars: Galaxy"s Edge.

If friend love a great view that fireworks, however really would rather execute anything else than remain in location for hours, climate you might think about the new Year"s night Fireworks Spectacular Dining parcel ... If the returns for 2021. In the past, you can enjoy a unique meal that came with reserved viewing the the show at the Plaza Inn with appointments made from 6:00 p.m. Come 8:30 p.m. Dinner was braised quick rib, sautéed shrimp, au gratin potatoes, asparagus, coco dessert, a mocktail and also a an option of beverage. The package to be last $125 for adults and also $100 for youngsters (plus tax and gratuity).

Another in-park choice was to reserve the new Year"s night Enchantment in ~ the Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge Experience. This occasion took ar on the extended area above Star wars Launch Bay. You can come and also go transparent the night, yet the event was native 8:00 p.m. To 12:30 a.m. Inspect in was 30 minutes before reservation time. Attendees might enjoy a boxed treat of seasonal fruits, cheese and assorted sweets, and also a an option of cold or warm beverages and a light-up occasion credential. In ~ midnight, you might light up the new year through a nonalcoholic beverage v a bright cube in it. This gives you a pretty an excellent view the fireworks over the crowds. Us will view if this returns.

In the past, families who want a little Disney magic without stepping right into the parks to visit the family-friendly new Year"s celebration at Disney"s sky Pier Hotel. The event contained characters, and also a brand-new Year"s eve buffet in ~ the PCH Grill. The restaurant has actually permanently closed, for this reason we execute not intend it to take ar in 2021. The buffet was offered from 5 p.m. Come 10 p.m. The new Year’s personality Celebration took place in the Pacific Ballroom from 6 p.m. Come 12:30 a.m., through countdowns at 9 p.m. And also midnight.

Napa Rose has actually held a family-friendly beforehand dinner indigenous 5 p.m. Come 6:30 p.m. A later dinner without the kids started at 8:15 p.m., complied with by a gala that would keep guests dancing till 1 a.m. Speak to 714-718-DINE for bookings or visit Disneyland.com/dining. 

8. Research exactly how to sign up with virtual queues.

Two rides, one in each park, utilize a digital queue and also have no stand-by line. Our article on Disneyland digital queues can assist you secure one or perhaps both of these rides (if park hopping) the day. Star Wars: increase of the Resistance in ~ Disneyland Park and WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure in the new Avengers Campus land at Disney California Adventure usage this free virtual queue. If you desire to be certain you acquire to ride this rides this day, there is one more way, yet it will cost you.

9. Take into consideration purchasing the most famous rides to skip the line.

The two newest rides, climb of the Resistance and WEB SLINGERS, add to Radiator Springs Racers in California Adventure, will have a new buy-in option as soon as Genie+ launches dubbed individual Lightning lane selections. No, these rides room not had with Genie+. Yet you deserve to purchase up to two of this rides individually per day. The price varies per ride and also day, and also you deserve to only purchase each ride once per human per day. We constantly opt to save money wherein we can, for this reason if you execute not want to pay to ride, us recommend do the efforts to sign up with the still-free online queue (or using the single Rider line for Radiator Springs Racers if her party is willing to split up and also each guest is at least 7 years old).

10. Visit early on on brand-new Year"s Day.


If friend have much more energy, come back early on the morning of brand-new Year"s Day. The park is generally quiet in the morning on Jan. 1 while every one of the late-night partiers sleep in. Take advantage of short ride lines. Capture the rides friend missed the night before and make the many of the morning. Then, take it a pretty frog nap on her lily pad in the afternoon. The parks usually open at 9:00 a.m. On brand-new Year"s Day, with no Extra Magic Hour or Magic Morning.

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No matter whether you decide to celebrate brand-new Year"s eve at Disneyland Park or California Adventure, be certain to check the entertainment Schedule in development (even as much as that same week for last-minute additions). Friend can additionally check the Disneyland mobile app inside the park to find entertainment and possible surprises. That way, girlfriend won’t miss anything, consisting of a potential surprise eye flurry or interesting live entertainment.

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What questions perform you have around celebrating brand-new Year"s night at Disneyland? Share lock in comments below! If you"ve visited on brand-new Year"s night before, phone call us around your experience! Don"t forget, you have the right to view park hours, key showtimes and also events top top the Disneyland group Calendar!