September 25, 1978 is a date imprinted in the memories of numerous San Diegans. Those that lived right here – and also elsewhere – remember the shocking photos of airplane wreckage ~ above fire and homes ablaze following...

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SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — September 25, 1978 is a date imprinted in the memory of countless San Diegans. Those the lived here – and also elsewhere – remember the shocking pictures of aircraft wreckage top top fire and also homes ablaze adhering to the crash the PSA trip 182, which was 40 years ago Tuesday.

At 9:01 a.m. The Monday morning, a Pacific Southwest airlines commercial airliner headed because that Lindbergh field collided through a exclusive Cessna in the skies over san Diego. The wreckage and debris from the mid-air crash fell into the north Park neighborhood.

All 135 world aboard flight 182 and also two plank the Cessna to be killed together with seven civilization on the ground, including two children. Nine people on the floor were also injured.

Nearly 2 dozen dwellings were damaged by the fallout’s debris and impact of the plane. As the fires ~ above the floor raged, huge plumes that smoke can be checked out in adjacent areas.

At the time, the crashwas the largest aviation catastrophe in U.S. History, according to the san Diego Police historic Association.

News 8 personnel rushed to the scene and continued report on the after-effects of the catastrophic crash for days, months and also years to come.

On this 40th anniversary that the crash that PSA trip 182, News 8 remembers the 144 victims and also sends continued condolences to the families and friends who shed their loved ones.

The day after the crash the PSA flight 182 in 1978 in north Park, News 8"s Cathy Clark spoke to next-door neighbors who were just coming come terms through what had happened in their quiet san Diego neighborhood.

A day after the catastrophic crash that PSA flight 182 in north Park, News 8"s Jesse Macias reported from the PSA headquarters in san Diego. Employees were volunteering their time to field calls from around the civilization from world trying to situate their loved ones complying with the crash.

Just job after the tragedy entailing a PSA jetliner and a Cessna that collided end North Park, mountain Diego, News 8"s Doug McAllister reported on the initial result by investigators. While beforehand reports speculated the aircraft had collided head-on, this report defines what authorities believed how the crash actually occurred.

News 8"s cameras were rolling at Sunset Cliffs where friends and also family eulogized mountain Diego lifeguard Daniel Urdahl. Later on in the day in ~ Felicita Park a memorial was held for PSA pilot and also Escondido resident James "Jim" McFeron, with around 200 friends and also relatives in attendance.

A memorial for naval Sergeant David Lee Boswell was additionally held that day in Oceanside. Boswell was aboard the Cessna that collided v the PSA jet.

WARNING: The raw footage in the clips below was caught in the hours immediately following the crash, it has actually been edited to eliminate sensitive images yet may be disturbing to some viewers.

This raw video was shot as News 8 reporters and photographers made their means to phibìc Park come the scene of the PSA flight 182 crash.

News 8"s aerial footage from September 25, 1978 reflects the immediate results after PSA trip 182 crashed in north Park san Diego.

A month after the disastrous mid-air collision that declared the resides of 144 people, News 8 went back to the area wherein the debris of PSA trip 182. Reporter Doug McAllister shared that 140 the those that perished had been figured out by coroners and showed what continued to be at the scene in phibìc Park, san Diego.

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