Sasha hasn’t been viewed much due to the fact that she attended her sister Nicole’s wedding to Zende top top The Bold and the Beautiful (BB), yet her portrayer, Felisha Cooper’s getting plenty the screentime in the brand-new sitcom Swedish Dicks.

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 It debuts tonight on pop at 8 p.m.

Soap Hub satellite down with Cooper to obtain the scoop on her new series as well as where she think Sasha is this days.

Hangin’ with Mrs. CooperOn sweden Dicks, Cooper plays Sarah, the estranged daughter of Ingmar, played by sweden actor Peter Stomare, who additionally created the series about two unlicensed private eyes, who collection out to resolve some that the weirdest crimes committed in Los Angeles.

Cooper claims there are an ext differences in between her two personalities than there are similarities.

“Sasha was the new ‘bad girl’ in town, sleeping with everyone’s boyfriend,” states Cooper with a chuckle.

“Sarah’s an ext put together. Castle both have actually ‘daddy issues’ however Sasha handled them in a various way. Julius exit Sasha, but Ingmar looks for out Sarah, and also she does want a connection with him.”

While both sweden Dicks and also B&B are collection in Los Angeles, Cooper claims that they’re an extremely different visually.

“B&B does give that ‘Malibu beach house/everybody’s rich and beautiful’ look, however the L.A. In swedish Dicks is like any type of other city.”

Where Is Sasha? Cooper can’t say where Sasha is for certain, however she suspects that she’s still somewhere in L.A.

“My opinion is the after she visited wedding and also was over there for she sister, she began thinking she had really messed up and decided she essential to perform some heart searching,” the actress offers.

“So i think she’s laying short and, hopefully, she have the right to return part day and also prove what a various person she is. I’d prefer to check out her walk from going after what she desires to asking, ‘How deserve to I give?"”

Swedish Dicks debuts tonight on popular music at 8 p.m. (An added episode airs in ~ 8:30 p.m.) next week, brand-new episodes will air when a week, Wednesdays in ~ 8 p.m.

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