It"s the series that NBA fans have been clamoring for all season long, and now we acquire it: Steph Curry and also the gold State Warriors versus LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

It"s the league"s MVP versus its most iconic player. It"s the league"s ideal team this season versus its most intriguing. It"s the West Coast versus the Midwest. 

It"s gonna be a hell of a series. Let"s break it down.

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NBA Finals Schedule
GameDateMatchupTime (ET)Watch
1Thursday, June 4Cleveland at gold State9 p.m.ABC
2Sunday, June 7Cleveland at gold State8 p.m.ABC
3Tuesday, June 9Golden State at Cleveland9 p.m.ABC
4Thursday, June 11Golden State in ~ Cleveland9 p.m.ABC
5* Sunday, June 14Cleveland at gold State8 p.m.ABC
6*Tuesday, June 16Golden State at Cleveland9 p.m.ABC
7*Friday, June 19Cleveland at gold State9 p.m.ABC *If necessary.

Homecourt benefit could pat a large part in this collection for the Warriors. The Warriors room 7-1 at house this postseason and went an significant 39-2 at home during the continual season, quickly the finest mark in the league.

For a Cleveland team the went just 22-19 top top the road throughout the continual season, the intense atmosphere in golden State"s residence digs can be tough to handle. On the other hand, Cleveland is an superior 6-1 top top the roadway this postseason, so James and firm shouldn"t it is in shook. 

Another issue for Cleveland will certainly be golden State"s depth. Ripe players are providing the warrior eight or an ext minutes every night this postseason, while Marreese Speights might be ago for the Finals.

Golden State has actually an exceptional balance of veterans, scorers and also bangers top top the block to pull from off your bench, and having a main off will ensure they"ll be healthy and also hungry coming into their collection against Cleveland.


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The main off may be even an ext important for Cleveland, however. If the Cavs have actually put a lot of talented veterans approximately James, they room much an ext reliant on the superstar to success them games.

To this allude he"s been as much as the task, averaging a Herculean 27.6 points, 10.4 rebounds and also 8.3 assists in 40.7 minutes per night. With Kevin Love done for the season because of injury and also Kyrie Irving hobbled throughout this postseason, James has had actually to choose up the slack, and to this point, he"s excellent that. 

But gold State to represent a different type of test because that James and also the Cavs. The warrior play fantastic team defense and have players like Andre Iguodala who deserve to hound James on the protective end and make him work-related for every point.

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While players like J.R. Smith, Tristan Thompson and, shockingly, Matthew Dellavedova have stepped up for the Cavs, James quiet doesn"t have a supporting cast like Curry"s. 

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Indeed, who wouldn"t desire to have actually Klay Thompson, Andrew Bogut, Harrison Barnes, Draymond Green and Iguodala, amongst others, backing lock up? 

And Curry has actually been nothing short of brilliant self this postseason, averaging 29.2 points, 6.4 assists and also 1.9 steals in 38.1 minutes per game. He"s broken ankles, he"s made difficult shots and also he continues to command the Warriors v a quiet confidence.

Any means you part this series, all indications suggest to golden State winning. They have a superstar, they have an impressive supporting actors behind him, lock have an excellent depth and also balance, they play great team basketball top top both end of the court, they can explode and also bury a team ~ above the offensive finish at any suggest and they"re playing a much-improved brand the defense this season. 

The Cavs have actually James, a hard defense and also a many veterans, but they don"t have actually the all at once team qualified of hanging v the Warriors. This will be a funny series, but golden State will take the in 6 games.  


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