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"If I ever before Fall in Love" is a track by American R&B-soul quartet Shai. The song got to number 2 in the united state in 1992, and also peaked at number two on the us R&B chart. That is eight weeks at number 2 on the Billboard warm 100 in the US, which was hosted off from the peak slot because of the substantial success of "I Will always Love You" through Whitney Houston, meant that it held the document for the second-most weeks at number 2 in the chart"s history at the time, behind Foreigner"s "Waiting because that a Girl prefer You". The record has since been equalled and also surpassed, and also "If I ever before Fall In Love" is currently in joint ninth location with a number of more recent songs. The track was likewise their just Top 40 fight in the UK, peaking in ~ number 36.more »

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The very an initial timeThat I observed your brown eyesYour lips said hello and also I claimed hiI knew appropriate then you were the oneBut ns was caught upIn physics attractionBut to my satisfactionBaby you were much more than just a faceAnd if I ever before (ever fall) in love again (again)I will be certain that the lady is a friendAnd if I ever before (ever fall) in love so true (true)I will be sure that the lady"s similar to youOh, yeah, the very next time she"ll be my friendIf ns say that I will certainly be your one and also only(Promise, promise) Promise the you"ll never ever leave me lonelyI simply want to it is in the one girlfriend needOh, babyI simply want to be the one that serves youSometime i feel together if i don"t deserve youI cherish every minute that we shareVery following time she will be mine friendSomeone that I can believe in(My friend)I require someone who"ll be my friend(My friend)To be through me v thick and also thin(My friend)Please share mine love v me my friendI require someone favor you

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Shai Shai (also spelt Sai, sometimes Shay, and in Greek, Psais) to be the deification the the ide of fate in Egyptian mythology. As a concept, v no details reason for associating one sex over another, Shai was sometimes thought about female, quite than the an ext usual knowledge of being male, in which circumstance Shai was referred to as Shait (simply the feminine kind of the name).

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His name reflects his function, together it means (that i m sorry is) ordained. An ext »