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It’s that time again. At the start of mine recap of illustration 4 the the last season of display Me The Money, ns felt the require to develop some things. I’m walk to article some of the here again:

“Anyone who has watched present Me The Money before or review anything around the present online knows that it doesn’t take much for a season to start to devolve right into a hot mess. With all of the drama and also controversy, from editing woes come out-of-line contestants, yes sir a lot of I might cover here. Ns decided to jump this article off through a pair of gems from the #smtm4 sweetheart trove ~ above Tumblr the encapsulate my thoughts/feelings top top the show:”

All of this is still 100% relevant. Let’s be honest, we’re all below for the entertainment however that doesn’t mean we can’t contact the participants or Mnet the end on their foolishness. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s gain into it.

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Shout the end to Nahae Kim for subbing every one of the illustration from critical season. Indigenous on the street (aka Tumblr) is that she is currently busy preparing because that the MCAT (hope the goes well!) therefore no official English-subbed episodes have actually been uploaded yet. Regrettably I carry out not speak Chinese or Vietnamese or any type of of the various other languages SMTM5 has actually been subbed in therefore far, for this reason for currently I’ll it is in relying on paper definition clues, the Internet, and my 2 years of korean classes in ~ Northwestern come recap the display (shout out to Lee sunsaengnim and also Baek sunsaengnim haha).

Our producer teams for this season are The Quiett and DOk2 (Illionaire), Gray and also Simon D (AOMG), rapper foolish Clown and Gil from Leessang and also Kush and also Zion. T (Teddy and Kush’s new YG sub-label ‘The black Label’)

Everyone is speak Mad Clown is this season’s linguistic Jint. We require someone to laugh at right? He’s for this reason awkward. Ns love it

Someone image this please:

Mnet reflects black contestants in line yet we never gain to check out them audition…le sigh

Zion.T graciously denies a wire of hopefuls and also then one contestant provides him trouble, snatching the necklace and everything. Zion. T speak him to mind his manners. That’s right Zion.T, put him in check

I didn’t understand Kush created Yanghwa Bridge! human being are failing to express this man’s name left and also right. One contestant (who I think said he to be 12?) messes increase Kush’s name also after he corrects him. I don’t know much about Kush however he is precious:

 Seo Chulgoo has returned! the was eliminated after the cypher mission through Snoop Dogg critical season. He’s really great so I’m happy he’s back. During his audition, Kush provides him a freestyle difficulty and he kills it

Seo Chulgoo’s girlfriend Yang Hongwon passes tooThe Quiett is very popular v the contestants however your boy had actually a hard time throughout auditions:

 He finally passes this guy:

Dok2 is presented judging a bunch of yes, really young contestants i beg your pardon is notable due to the fact that of exactly how young that was when he startedBizniz from hip hop duo Infinite flow arrives auditions and Dok2 passes him

Thanks come some ago story top top Bizniz we gain to watch some throwback clips of Dok2 and also Simon D (yep, that’s Simon D v the fro)

 Is Dok2’s hair pink? additionally is it just me or did it look like he was wearing lip gloss…This son in the yellow jacket, ns don’t know who he is yet I favor him. Kush passes him

It’s Simon D’s turn to judge and I currently see why everyone has actually been calling the an angel. He provides each contestant some advice prior to moving on. What a saint

Gray arrives and also all the girls start swooning…so much so they can’t remember your lyrics. The Quiett says even he adheres to Gray ~ above Instagram although that doesn’t like any type of of his photos LOLBaby J from jewel auditions however forgets her lyrics and isn’t able to move on

We view G2 external signing autographs and taking pics v fans inside. He has a hiccup during his audition with Gray and for a moment it seems like he won’t pass. Gray pretends to relocate on at an initial but ultimately hands over the necklaceGil is out right here intimidating everyone while foolish Clown is probaby the most disarming out of everyone as he has presented forgetting lyrics often in the pastAshB is here (from Unpretty season 2) and also MadClown overcome herCJamm is back after making it much on Season 3. The seems really relaxed regardless of facing Gil, who passes him

 There are numerous female contestants but none that them seem to it is in passing until Simon D passes huge Pink

Kim Hong wu aka Reddy encounters Simon D. The does yes, really well as expected and moves on ~ winning Simon D’s approvalZion. T overcome A-Tom native ToppDoggSanchez (Microdot’s brother and well-known vocalist) auditions and also Dok2 overcome himGun, Mino’s cousin, auditions with Zion. T if Mino smiles proudly in the audience (Zion. T passes him)

 There are the usual contestant shenanigans v crazy costumes and also strange antics and this happens…

Bewhy is back! everyone remembers his epic battle with Microdot from critical season. The rapper well-known for his distinct flow and devout faith is passed to the next round through Zion. T!One aka Jaewon has likewise returned! He obtained an all-pass in the second audition round critical season however was ultimately eliminated. I thought he was really good, just out that his league. The is currently signed with YG for this reason he talks around the press from the unavoidable comparisons between him and also Mino and Bobby. Bad baby is for this reason nervous before facing Dok2. I’m not sure why yet Dok2 has him walk twice and he manages to do well both times!In one tense moment, a contestant takes issue with Dok2 for passing One yet not him.

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He curses in ~ Dok2 who handles it prefer a champ.

I am completely enjoying the dynamic between every one of the producer teams. Ns am rooting because that Reddy, Bewhy and One as well as kid in the yellow coat (who is he?? someone provide me a name please…)

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