T/F Relativism is the belief that morality is relative to time, place, situation, people, culture, etc....

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T/F One difficulty with relativism, follow to the author of the text, is the it walk not allow us to be critical
Similar moral principles exist in all cultures is a view sustained by ___________.a.) relativistsb.) absolutistsc.) colonialistsd.) deconstructionists
Relativists host that morals are family member to _________.a.) cultureb.) individualc.) situationsd.) every one of the above
An instance of ethical proposition is ____________.a.) "I feel sick"b.) "you must not treat people badly" c.) "nothing have the right to be both A and also not A"d.) "her hair is brown"
Who insurance claims that some empirical propositions room absolutely true or false? a.) Jacques Derridab.) Norman Malcolm c.) Marquis de Saded.) Adolf Hitlere.) Johann Estess
The concept of emotivism claims that _________.a.) all emotions in morals room badb.) emotions in principles must be well balanced with reasonc.) moral propositions just express feelingsd.) we should get earlier in touch through our emotions
Who stated the "naturalistic fallacy" in ethics?a.) john Hospersb.) Aristotlec.) G.E. Moored.) J.S. Mill
The problem of "getting one ought native an is" means _____________.a.) what you need to do is identified by just how you feel.b.) what friend ought to do is regularly very daunting c.) what people should do has no necessary link to what they in reality do.d.) what civilization like to carry out is in reality what castle in fact do
Who states that over there are ethical "near or nearly absolutes" that form the an easy principles of ethical life?a.) Thirouxb.) Hospersc.) Kantd.) Sting
The greatest trouble in the absolutism/relativism debate is just how to introduce __________.a.) courage and honestyb.) freedom and also liberty c.) stability and creativityd.) reason and evidence
Exceptions to absolutes should ___________.a.) be closely concealedb.) not exist c.) be fully justified d.) not be contemplated

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