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Every summer in Los Angeles you deserve to watch The Sound that Music Sing-A-Long at the Hollywood Bowl. If you desire to go to the sing-along next year store in mind the one hour after ~ the ticket went on sale 75% that the ticket were currently gone so plan on buying her tickets as shortly as they go on sale. I bought tickets for the park and ride which costs $7 roundtrip if you acquisition in advance.

Parking at the bowl prices $22 and can it is in a nightmare after the occasion when everyone is make the efforts to leaving so be certain to look and see if any type of of the park and ride areas are near you. My mom and also I boarded our park and also ride bus about 4:00pm and we to be at the bowl prior to 5:00pm which offered us plenty of time to obtain food.

We carried our own seat cushions for the wooden bench yet if you perform not have your very own you have the right to rent one for $1. I would also recommend the you bring a blanket since it can acquire cold in ~ night. The movie walk not begin until 8:00pm but the pre-show began at 6:30pm. Melissa Peterman, Barbara Jean native Reba, organized the event and also gave some information around the sing along. Anyone was provided a fun load that had props to use throughout the movie.

Inside the packs to be an Edelweiss flower, a curtain sample (similar come the curtain Maria makes garments out of), a popper, an invitation to the Captain’s ball and two cards come use during the exactly how do you resolve a problem like Maria part. She gave us indict on as soon as to use each item and let us know to boo as soon as Rolf is on the screen and fun things prefer that.


After she perfect talking around the funny packs there was a costume parade during which anyone who dressed up together someone or something from the movie can come throughout the stage. There were five finalists, which unfortunately did not stand for the most an innovative costumes, and also the winner won a two night remain at the Von Trapp Inn in Vermont. The costume parade took roughly an hour and a fifty percent because of exactly how many human being dressed up and also there to be still many of civilization in the audience who had dressed up yet didn’t go up on stage.

One that my favorite costumes to be a guy who had developed a frame of a helicopter around his body and also had a old time feather camera, that was intend to it is in the helicopter that shot the footage for the opened scene and his mam was dressed favor Maria from that scene. There were a lot of families that had actually the youngsters dressed up in the curtain play clothes which was adorable. One of my other favorite costumes to be three small children that were dressed up favor the puppets from the lonely goatherd scene and also the parents held their puppet strings over their head which to be so precious.

If you desire a opportunity to meet Melissa Peterman or to it is in on the phase at the Hollywood bowl be sure to undertake a costume. Melissa spoke with at the very least one human being in every group and also even gave some civilization the chance to song a little bit from component of among the songs from the movie. After ~ the costume parade was over she carried up 3 of the girls that played Von Trapp youngsters in the movie. They all carried members that their family members with them and also talked around how special it to be to have been a component of a movie that has meant so lot to world for so countless years.

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If you like the movie this is together a fun means to watch it because virtually everyone over there is really into it. To sing the songs out loud with everyone is really fun and also they carry out stop the movie fifty percent way v to enable for intermission. In addition to sing follow me the Hollywood Bowl additionally hosts other movie screenings. If you space interested in dressing increase Amazon has actually some an excellent choices.