Sins that the dad is a Story Mission in far Cry 5. This walkthrough shows just how to complete this Quest.

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Liberate CampBurn FieldsEliminate Feeney


This Quest can be started either by talking to Virgil or by liberating the Jessop Conservatory Camp. As soon as you have actually liberated the camp, you will certainly be asked come burn the areas or bliss in the area. Girlfriend can discover a flamethrower in the area. You should turn the the water sprinkles in sheds next to the fields, in order to burn them.


Once the areas are burned, friend will have actually to remove Feeney, that escaped the area. He will be in his residence in the northern component of the region.


Once you reach his location you will need to kill Feeney. He will certainly be hiding in a bunker underneath his house. The enntrance gate to the left the the house. Climb down and also kill Feeney for the pursuit to it is in finished.


For more Walkthroughs, examine out our full Far Cry 5 Strategy Guide.

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Steven says

March 29, 2018 at 1:30 am

Eliminate Feeney objective never popped up for me and choosin the option to quit mission doesn’t work.

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Jake says

March 30, 2018 in ~ 11:09 am

i think i glitched the quest, i believe i might have accidentally killed Feeney if he remained in his helicopter and also flew over the Conservatory, cause hes no in his home nor his bunker, its no showing any kind of markers on the map, and killing him is the last point i must do because that the quest to finish.


Xiang says

June 5, 2018 in ~ 1:51 am

I didn’t need to finish War ~ above Drugs???It simply said that Virgil Minkler had a main quest for me earlier at the jail, and also I to be nowhere close to done war on Drugs


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