It doesn’t matter if that your an initial time surfing or her hundredth, in ~ some allude you’ll get tired of laying on your surfboard and also want to rest your abs a little.

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You’ve more than likely seen surfers sit on your boards and also wondered exactly how they can do that. If you’re favor I supplied to be, maybe you role off her board or her board shoots the end from under girlfriend every time you try to sit ~ above it.

To aid you, we have a step-by-step overview of exactly how to ideal sit on her surfboard. We’ll go over when, whereby on the board, and which means to challenge when you’re sit on your board.



1 sit On Surfboard

When to sit on her board

If you’re as well close to shore, sit on her board is going to be an ext of a hindrance 보다 a help.

You want to make sure that you space out past the breaking waves when you walk to sit on your surfboard.

If you room on the inside, you’ll most likely just get knocked off her board and tossed around.

When you go to sit, you want it come be during a time where you won"t require to move for a while.


When girlfriend sit, that takes longer to obtain ready to paddle for whatever reason. If you are surfing quick, regular beach break surf, it can not make feeling to sit on your board due to the fact that you will most likely be paddling around too much.

Where come sit on her board


To sit on your board, girlfriend will have to find about where the facility of balance is on her board.​

You want to sit near the facility of her board.

If girlfriend sit too much forward, your board will certainly rocket out from under you.

Your leash and board nose can obtain tangled in between your legs.

Not just will you look foolish, yet it could also hurt someone about you or ding your board. Definitely not the outcome you want.

If you sit too far back on your board, you’ll still be at hazard of having your plank rocket forward. You are also likely to fall off onto your back.

How come sit on your board

When you"re top top the center of your board, push your hips up and also swing your legs forward right into a sit position. Your legs need to be dangling come the side of your board if you space sitting correctly.

It have the right to be advantageous to lug your feet closer with each other underwater listed below your board. Making use of your legs, you have the right to sort that grip your board as you sit. Be mindful though, if you bring your feet too close, you have the right to mess v your security making it easier for friend to roll off your board.

The nose of her board have to be pointed slightly up. The tip may even be out of the water, i m sorry is fine. At first, you may want to additionally hold on come the sleep of her board v your hand for added stability, however it’s not always necessary.

Where to face

When you space sitting on your board, make sure that friend are encountering the waves. Not just does it assist you to recognize when the waves space coming so girlfriend can much better catch the good waves, it is additionally safer.

If friend are encountering towards the beach instead of in the direction of the waves, you can be struggle by a big wave by surprise. Dealing with parallel to the shore makes it much easier for waves to come and roll friend over. Make certain you save your eyes in the direction of the external past the surf.


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