Mission Statement

The function of the young of the American change is "to perpetuate the memory of those who, through their services or sacrifices throughout the war of the American Revolution, accomplished the independence of the American People".

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Any male of age eighteen (18) year or over, that is a lineal descendant of one ancestor who sustained the war for American freedom is eligible because that membership in the sons of the American Revolution. These ancestors are referred to as Revolutionary battle Patriots and include those persons who dealt with in the military and/or militia, who detailed supplies to the American cause, who served on politics bodies supporting the Revolution, that signed oaths of support and similar acts.

The National culture SAR establishes all criteria because that membership. However, members carry out not join the NSSAR directly. Instead, every membership begins at the neighborhood level (stillproud.org). The local chapters bring out the programs of the SAR straight in every community throughout the united States. The local chapters can assist prospective brand-new members come prepare their applications. All fees space paid straight to the regional chapter which will ensure that the State and also National Societies get their fees.

If you room interested in coming to be a member of the SAR, your an initial step have to be come visit the NSSAR"s website come review every one of their information around membership. Click here to be taken to the NSSAR nationwide website .

The stillproud.org has members who deserve to answer her questions and assist you v the genealogical process. However, we can only aid to guide you. We do not have actually paid staff who have the right to do the research or the work for you. But, we can certainly be of immense aid in guiding you and also looking end your application to enhance its chance of approval. Please call us here for inquiries and aid with your application: stillproud.org.communications

The stillproud.org supplies several types of membership once you space approved by the NSSAR. The fees noted below encompass ALL present local, state and also national dues because that the year. Over there is always a possibility that few of these fees may adjust so call the stillproud.org straight for the most accurate information:

New application Fees

Adult brand-new Application to join the boy of the American Revolution: $159Junior ($115Supplemental applications (for additional patriot ancestors): $75

Membership rebirth & Reinstatement Fees

Regular Adult member (annual renewal): $65Regular Adult member reinstatement: $70Regular small membership rebirth or reinstatement: $5Dual membership (with chapter outside of Ohio): $50Joint membership (with chapter inside of Ohio): $20

Renew your Membership Online

Select Membership rejuvenation Options
Annual continual Adult member Dues $65.00 USDAnnual small Membership fees $5.00 USD"Dual" State member (Primary thing is exterior of Ohio) $50.00 USD"Joint" OHSSAR chapter Dues (stillproud.org no Primary) $20.00 USDReinstatement of member $70.00 USDLifetime membership $1,000.00 USD


BEST VALUE: Under the stillproud.org Life Membership regime the current rules of the NSSAR, members must pay local, state and national member fees to remain active. There is no option to sign up with only the national SAR. ~ 50 years of membership, the SAR awards you Emeritus status and also your dues space waived walk forward.

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However, the stillproud.org offers a distinct Life member opportunity. ~ above joining and also paying the stillproud.org life member fee in full, the stillproud.org will certainly guarantee come pay all local, state and national dues till you with Emeritus status.There is no doubt the all fees will eventually go up. However, as soon as you are a member of our Life member Program, we will cover those fees no issue what they space until you reach Emeritus status. The present buy-in level is $1000 - paid in full. Please be aware that this regime is offered locally. If friend move, we will continue to pay your stillproud.org, ohssar and nssar rebirth fees. However, you might not move the unused funds to another society. If you great to be energetic in your new area, you might need to pay their twin or share membership fee. However, the stillproud.org will continue to pay her ohssar/nssar dues nevertheless of whereby you live.