"My allied is the Force, and a an effective ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its power surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we." –Yoda

Few books or gamings have had as enduring an impact upon the Star Wars galaxy and also its fans as Star Wars™: The Roleplaying Game. Initially published by West finish Games in 1987, it landed on a time once the future the the Star Wars galaxy to be uncertain, and also it captivated a totality generation of gamers with rules and guidelines the made it possible to design and enjoy adventures truly worthy the the Star Wars universe and its ongoing room opera.

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Now Fantasy flight Games is proud to offer faithful recreations the this influential rulebook and The Star Wars™ Sourcebook. Ours Star Wars™: The Roleplaying Game 30th Anniversary execution is a limited edition collection of both books, published with greater quality than the originals and also packaged in a stylized slipcase.

These publications were sent out to Timothy Zahn as references once he started to build Grand Admiral Thrawn and also his Thrawn trilogy. They introduced materials that were later embraced into Star Wars canon, such together the name of extraterrestrial races choose the Twi"lek, Rodians, and also Quarren. They also inspired members the the Lucasfilm Story team as they worked on your writers" bible.

Now, Fantasy flight Games is proud come return Star Wars: The Roleplaying to print as a collectible collection of 2 high-quality, hardbound books presented in a stylized slipcase. You"ll find all the original video game materials—just as playable as ever—and they"re presented through the exact same graphic design and also fake, in-universe Star Wars advertisements because that the royal Navy, the R2 astromech Droid, and more.

Even the books" use of black-and-white, blue ink, and also full shade sections have actually been recreated, along with its usage of quiet photos and also concept art, few of which have actually been updated for this new 30th Anniversary Edition. Finally, the books come v a foreword by Pablo Hidalgo, one of the creative executives ~ above the Lucasfilm Story Group.


Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game core Rulebook

In simply 144 pages, the Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game main point rulebook opened up the method to boundless adventures amongst the stars, and also its rules systems room as fast and also effective as ever. All you and your friends have to enjoy this seminal roleplaying experience space the main point rulebook, pencils, paper, and a bunch that six-sided dice.

The rulebook, meanwhile, is damaged into 3 sections, every of i m sorry is divided into a variety of smaller, concentrated chapters.

In the Player Section, you"ll discover everything you have to understand how the game permits characters to connect with every other and also their environment. The rules because that character production are plainly presented and also make it basic to architecture every form of Star Wars personality you could imagine, native an aspiring Jedi to a rogue freighter pilot, from a grizzled soldier to a secretive politician.The Gamemaster Section more fleshes the end the game with understanding into all the points a gamemaster demands to operation his or she players through completely realized Star Wars adventures. You"ll find a useful advent to gamemastering alongside thorough rules because that starships, combat, wounds and also healing, and using the Force.Finally, the Adventure Section steps back to look at the art of designing and running adventures in such a means as to make them truly entertaining and also memorable Star Wars experiences. Then it jumps head an initial into the completely realized adventure "Rebel Breakout" prior to it presents a selection of other adventure principles you and your friends can pursue on your own.

Of course, it"s the Star Wars universe that draws united state to this game, and also the rulebook acknowledges this fact with a plethora of photograph stills and also concept art, plus some wonderful and comical, retro-styled advertisements that acquire you into the mindset of one of the galaxy"s numerous citizens.


The Star battles Sourcebook

Also weighing in in ~ 144 pages, The Star wars Sourcebook provides a wide range of information about the starships, vehicles, creatures, extraterrestrial races, Rebel bases, and Imperial garrisons that can help ground her games completely within the Star Wars galaxy.

The publication is separated into fifteen chapters: General Spacecraft Systems, Starfighters, Combat Starships, Space Transports, Droids, Repulsorlift Vehicles, Imperial Ground attack Vehicles, Aliens, Creatures, General Equipment, Lightsabers, Stormtroopers, Rebel Bases, Imperial Garrisons, and also Heroes and also Villains.

These room accompanied through dozens top top dozens that charts, photos, pieces of ide art, schematic diagrams, and also short fiction. This method that The Star wars Sourcebook does an ext than simply help you populate your games; it gives a deeper understanding into the Star Wars universe, itself, together with many of its various legends.

And as a relic that a bygone age, The Star battles Sourcebook serves together a beautiful reminder of this legends, enabling you to reap them and also recall an previously time in the background of all points Star Wars, even as the more recent films, television shows, comics, and also novels blast us forward into the galaxy"s future.


Own a item of Star Wars History

The Jedi were nearly extinct and all but forgotten, yet they returned to change the galaxy. Now, thirty year after West finish Games very first published Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, its books make their return in this highly collectible 30th Anniversary Edition.

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The force binds them that flows v them. And they can carry the Star Wars galaxy to life on your tabletop, in your minds, and in her heart, currently as lot as ever before. There"s no far better way because that you or her favorite Star Wars fan to memory the fortieth anniversary that Star Wars than with this enduring item of Star Wars history!

The rules and also reference products presented in the Star Wars™: The Roleplaying Game 30th Anniversary Edition room not compatible v , , and also . The Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game 30th Anniversary execution is being made accessible as a collectible item of Star Wars history, intended to stand alone.