As Steven universe wraps up, Lapis proves once again that she's the finest character in the entire franchise.

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By Shamus Kelley | December 22, 2019 | | comment count:0

This Steven world Future review contains spoilers.

Steven world Future episode 8 Review

Lapis has had actually the most compelling arc the Steven Universe’s cast. When Steven, Garnet, Amethyst, and also Pearl have all gained meaty storylines that have taken up much of the show’s lengthy run, Lapis’ story has controlled to be the many compelling also with only a handful of episodes fully devoted to it. See her walk from one abuse victim come confronting her abuser to discovering to live v Peridot, Lapis has actually covered a the majority of ground throughout the collection with so little time.

I’ve composed before around the exemplary treatment of Lapis and also this episode, favor ‘Snow Day’ did through Steven, brilliantly let’s us check in on exactly how much she grown. Lapis has become calmer end the years and also seemingly isn’t pushing people away since of what she’s been through, together she did v Peridot back in season 5. She now easily working v Steven which also way she’s interacting with many other Gems. 

She’s put to the check though as soon as she has actually to challenge two other Lapis’, persons that space still preparing people for colonization. She walk her best trying to be nice like Steven but, together she admits, she changed partly because of the abuse she went through. The the only way she knows to begin that type of large change which renders it all the more an overwhelming to try and impart it to the other Lapis’. Exactly how do you obtain someone who’s single goal is devastation to evaluate the beauty in nature when they haven’t been locked increase in a winter or unwillingly unify with an additional Gem? 

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It’s tough but it likewise ties in to some of the significant elements running throughout Steven world Future. No everyone competent the same things if under the dominance of the Diamonds. Plenty of felt oppressed yet others were totally fine. They even liked what they to be doing! The 2 Lapis’ don’t want to prevent what they’ve been doing all their lives simply since Lapis and Steven told castle to. People prefer Lapis or the various other Crystal Gems readjusted because that a traumatic event… but you can’t use that tactic top top everyone. Exactly how do you make someone readjust their totality ideology in a typical setting? 

Well, as we see through Lapis, sometimes you can not play nice. Sometimes you have to show your muscle a bit and not let world walk everywhere you. You have to show them they’re wrong because that what castle doing and also you can’t be nice around it. Lapis, thankfully, doesn’t take it this as well far however it leaves sufficient of an impact that one of the Lapis’ walk come to small Homeschool. The other doesn’t yet that’s just proceeding what we witnessed in ‘Bluebird,’ not everyone is willing to change.

I love seeing Lapis lash out yet quickly get it under control. Trauma walk a lot to a person and when she reminded that it, as I’m sure she was v those water chains, it’s easy to lose control. Yet Lapis has clearly been working on trauma the last couple of years and also easily stop herself the prior to she go anything as well bad. She’s grown a lot yet she’s not perfect and also that’s okay. 

If this is the last major Lapis illustration in the Steven Universe franchise I’m entirely fine v it. She’s made a complete one-eighty from her very first episode. Earlier then she was a prisoner. Now she’s taken fee of her life and also isn’t afraid to acquire her hands dirty in making the cosmos a far better place. She learned to deal with her trauma in a healthy way but the display never acted prefer she was cured that it. The still through her however she’s maybe to work with it.

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As the series winds down, Lapis proves once again the she’s to be the best character throughout.