Don’t issue you’ll still be able to get your favorites including tots to go just throughout the street at sticky Rice.

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Sticky Rice’s to-go operation Sticky to GoGo has actually shut that doors and also moved throughout the street.

Facebook declare from difficult Rice:

Sticky Rice & ToGoGo

Together Again!

Richmond, November 14, 2016 – After over a decade of independent operation, sticky Rice and ToGoGo are merging their operations to administer the best in customer company for dine-in and also carry-out customers under one roof. This closing will permit you to gain a drink while you wait for your carry-out food to be prepared – or have actually it delivered direct to your door by the exact same friendly encounters at Quickness RVA!

“This is a real possibility for ours staffs to consolidate years of experience and make sure that both establishments run as effectively as possible. The end an outcome will it is in a better, an ext streamlined customer suffer whether you need on-site episode classes or a bucket of tots and a beer,” claimed Kevin Wilson, ToGoGo manager.

As the change takes ar this week, sticky ToGoGo asks the the dining public bear through them and forgive any hiccups together they construct a consolidated mechanism of managing online and phone order in your new, old location.

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Event web page is Here



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Riverside Tavern opened on Saturday

The woodland is gone and also its replacement Riverside Tavern is all set to success over the neighborhood.


2 weeks earlier


September 27, 2021


Richard Hayes

We didn’t find out around the Riverside Tavern (5057 forest Hill Ave) opening till post-dinner however swung by because that a beer and also some fries. They have in mine IPA loving opinion on that the best beer lists I’ve watched in a long time. The last Gravity hike Star to be stellar. The fries to be crisp and also tasty and I’m looking front to providing their food a try.

The interior acquired a pretty refresh and also has 5 booths and also bar sitting. The wall surfaces on the patio came down and there room a great number the tables (I forgot to count) outside.

The Tavern is only open native 4-11 PM for now yet do have actually plans for opened for having lunch eventually.



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PHOTOS: autumn Line Kitchen & Bar opens Thursday inside Richmond Marriott Downtown

Located in ~ 500 E. Vast Street in ~ the freshly renovated Richmond Marriott Downtown, autumn Line provides an upscale-casual eatery with ingredient-focused comfort food alongside local craft beer and also cocktails.


3 weeks back


September 21, 2021


Trevor Dickerson

On Thursday, September 23rd, loss Line Kitchen & Bar, a new restaurant in downtown Richmond, will open its doors for dinner service.

Located in ~ 500 E. Vast Street in ~ the recently renovated Richmond Marriott Downtown, loss Line supplies an upscale-casual eatery through ingredient-focused lull food alongside local craft beer and cocktails.

“We’re excited to start mirroring guests what ours talented team has put together and also giving the community a taste of what autumn Line needs to offer,” claimed Peyton Powell, loss Line’s head chef and a graduate that Le Cordon bleu Paris. “We’ve developed a creative menu featuring dishes including lump crab hushpuppies and truffled bucatini.”

Throughout the month the October, a portion of autumn Line proceeds will go to support RVA neighborhood Fridges, a nonprofit company providing totally free food to Richmonders via neighborhood refrigerators. The restaurant will donate $1 because that every signature cocktail and also $1 because that every cornbread appetizer purchased.

Fall Line supplies an indoor dining area the seats 124, an out patio that seats 34, and also indoor bar seating for 59. Also obtainable is a private dining room for as much as 30. Initially open because that dinner Tuesday through Thursday native 5-10 p.m. And Saturday and also Sunday native 5-11 p.m., fall Line plans to soon expand hours and offer a lunch, breakfast, and brunch menu. Reservations for the restaurant have the right to be do via OpenTable.

Fall line is continuing to hire because that a number of positions, consisting of cooks, servers, bartenders, hosts, dishwashers and also support staff.

Fall Line’s name is a nod come the geological attribute that shame Virginia’s landscape and also the ar of Richmond. In ~ the fall Line, the James river flows over a series of rapids, or “falls,” and also crosses from the hard bedrock the the Piedmont to the softer sand and clay the the coastal Plain. The restaurant’s style evokes a unique sense that place and also highlights the range of landscapes produced by this geology feature.

Designed through //3877, the restaurant draws catalyst from the natural and geological world, including a can’t-miss mural that a Kingfisher bird developed by regional artist Hamilton Glass.

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For an ext information about Fall line or to join the team, visit or monitor the restaurant on Facebook and Instagram.