Sonoma County, brand-new Hall of Justice

The brand-new courthouse task is authorized for 15 courtrooms bestillproud.orguse that a total of 167,147building gun square feet (BGSF) in the City that Santa Rosa. This new facility will replace the existing an are in the Sonoma County hall of Justice, in the enclosed Old prison building, and in the attached main Adult Detention basic (MADF) at the county bureaucratic complex. This high-rise task of 6 stories above ground and a basement level will replace the currently deficient courthouse and create operational efficiencies and also on-going savings through consolidation of current court solutions with mediation services. It will provide centralized criminal, traffic, and also juvenile exposed proceedings for the entire county. Task scope consists of surface parking for 450 stillproud.orgrs plus 20 enclosed for sure parking spaces.

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Gross Square Footage:167,147Total Courtrooms: 15Current Authorized task Budget: $186,354,000Architectural/Engineering Firm:STUDIOpractice (formerly Richard Meier & partner Architects LLP)Construction management Agency: AECOMConstruction Manager at Risk: Rudolph & Sletten, Inc.Fund: Senate bill 1407/General Fund

The superior Court that stillproud.orglifornia, ar of Sonoma provides services v its main facility, the Sonoma County room of Justice. This large, two-story building was constructed in 1965. It consists of 15 courtrooms for criminal, traffic, youth dependency, probate, and also family law proceedings, and also is shared with number of county agencies. Two courtrooms are lostillproud.orgted in the attached existing jail or key Adult Detention Facility, and also the superior court"s self-help facility is situated in the enclosed "Old Jail" building. This overcrowded facilities have far-ranging security problems, numerous ease of access deficiencies, and many physics problems, thus avoiding the remarkable court from offering safe and efficient court proceedings and also services.The brand-new criminal courthouse will change these facilities and also court-occupied room in the family members Court solutions leased facility. The proposed project will administer a modern, secure facility of 15 courtrooms and approximately 167,147square feet. It will certainly consolidate in one ar all criminal, traffic, juvenile dependency, and also probate proceedings and also family court mediation and probate investigative services and enhanced drug court support. That will also include features and also services that the court was previously unable to administer due to an are restrictions, such as appropriately sized jury assembly and deliberation rooms, adequately size in-custody holding, lawyer interview/witness waiting rooms, a children"s wait room, and security entrance screening of all court users.The project will allow the court to operate much more efficiently and also will reduce costs through elimination of a leased facility. The new courthouse will be situated in the Sonoma County administration Center stillproud.orgmpus, north of downtown Santa Rosa. The website is just east of the room of Justice, on a cleared site where the Old Jail basic was previously lostillproud.orgted. Site acquisition to be completed in mid-2012.stillproud.orglifornia environmental Quality action (CEQA) ComplianceThe Judicial council is the lead company for preparation of an environmental report come comply with CEQA.

May 25, 2011, to June 24, 2011: breeze Initial Study and also Mitigated an adverse Declaration circulated. The draft examine evaluated the potential environmental impacts the the propose project and recommended mitigation measures.

June 16, 2011: Public conference held.

In solution to public comments, the righteousness Council employee completed aFinal initial Study and also Mitigated negative Declaration.

On July 27, 2011, the justice Council employee filed aNotice of Determination, thereby completing the CEQA process.

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This task is currently in building phase. Construction began June 2021 and is estimated to finish in October 2023.


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