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Synopsis knife Art online Alternative: total Gale Online: Clad in desert pink and the size of a just child, the well known "Pink Devil" mercilessly hunts down other players in the firearm-centered civilization of the digital reality game Gun Gale Online. But in real life, this fear player killer is not rather who anyone would expect.A shy university student in Tokyo, Karen Kohiruimaki stand in stark comparison to her in-game avatar—in fact, she wake up to stand above everyone else too, much to her dismay. Towering above all the people around her, Karen"s insecurities end her height reach the suggest where she turns to the virtual world for one escape. Beginning game after video game in really hopes of manifesting as a cute, brief character, she finally obtains her appropriate self in the civilization of total Gale Online. Overjoyed by her new persona, she pours her time right into the game as LLENN, garnering her reputation as the legend player killer.However, as soon as one that LLENN"s targets gets the finest of her, she ends up meeting Pitohui, a professional yet eccentric woman. Quickly ending up being friends through Karen, Pitohui insists the LLENN participates in squad Jam, a battle royale the pits teams against one another, fighting until only one remains. Thrust right into the cook competition, LLENN need to fight through all her wit and will if she hopes to shooting her means to the top.

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