Enquiring minds want to know... Am i worth $100 Million?First, let’s look in ~ the concern asked of me.Omarosa request me “What am ns worth?” and also as a true "G", ns answered “I’m worth $100 Million. Ns can access and touch whatever amount the money I must touch”.Is this statement true? 100%. Why walk I provide such an in your confront answer.Why not?I answer the concern given and also know that my worth is not based on money alone however intellectual thought and work product i have emerged for brands over the past decade. (I winner the an obstacle because I had actually a good business presentation that involved giving to the hood i m sorry the modify failed come show).So, thank you VH1. No love lost.Was that specific assessment of my credit transaction rating ~ above the present or financial worth? No, not at all.Was the last task I had at a pizza shop referred to as Munchies? No.I to be the owner of one Internet agency that I founded in 1999 called MP3NY – after holding various an imaginative Director and Chief technology positions at peak internet and design companies. Past and also current client include: Arista records (Avril Lavine, The Clipse) HBO(The Sopranos), Terrero Films, Dirty boy Social Club and The Poker Battle, to name a few; and also my ownership/partnership in the Ed Hardy power Drink line (hit me increase to uncover out how you can buy an Ed durable license).As a matter of record, I provided to very own Munchies in Brooklyn, NY (I appreciated the plug on national TV, fight me increase if you desire to buy right into the franchise) and also I am sure that the thousands of people that go in and also out the its door deserve to attest to that (it was situated in Bedstuy,BK top top Franklin Avenue).And, to it is in clear, it was a café; we served items choose smoothies, red velvet cake and also shrimp scampi….we never made pizza.Was i shocked as soon as they zeroed in on my birthmark and brand-new York"s crazy mom dubbed it a “green growth” ~ knowing complete well I have actually a clean invoice of health?On the real, the wasn’t pleasant, yet yeah, ns was surprised cuz I’ve never heard any complaints before.Do I have a perm?No, it’s my organic hair that generally gets “whipped up” by my stylist.Sorry, ns don’t usually need to do my very own hair for this reason if girlfriend hated it, probably you need to record me in reality.

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I"m a dude, i don"t perform hair.To all my fans, ns knew what i was getting into once I signed up for i LUV NY and perhaps there is no the show, ns wouldn’t have actually touched base with many of you v the ability to sell you the different to YouTube referred to as TweedTVSo, ns don’t have any type of regrets and hope the I have actually answered the countless questions the I have actually received over the past few weeks.I have a good feeling around what the future holds and with ambition, intelligence, and also this new recognition, i hope to make a real distinction in the world. Maybe a start to real readjust might be making people conscious that making derogatory comments about skin color, is just as cruel coming from your very own race together it is comes from someone else’s…..just a thought.Until we satisfy again - T-WEEDCredit: Michelle and also Sexy