The speak of The Town las Vegas

Ready because that the sexiest bachelor party suffer in ras Vegas? The talk of the town is much more than just a piece club; it"s a full-scale erotic adult experience. This ras Vegas piece Club is situated in "old Vegas" and has few of the city"s sexiest all-nude dancers poised to alter your reality.

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Famous because that its cameo appearance in the movie, "The Hangover", this club additionally includes a fully-stocked adult novelty save – surrounding to the main lounge – and a private video clip arcade with over sixty networks of adult entertainment. It"s the perfect destination for a couple looking to spice up their love life.

Just once you thought it couldn"t get any type of better, talk of the city has uncovered a method to make getting clean so, so "dirty" in its private Shower Room, and also what have the right to be much better than $10 lap dances!

In this Ultimate guide to talk of The city Gentleman"s Club, you"ll uncover all the details essential to make sure you obtain the most out of her visit.

About Brian Pfeiffer & Surreal Nightlife

Before we start, ns am Brian Pfeiffer, the owner of I have over twenty years of VIP hosting experience, 12 in Chicago and also the critical 8 in Vegas, and I to be a licensed independent hold by the Nevada Gaming Commission. Together a Clark County expert Promoter, I have the right to assist you with any type of food, fun, adventures, and attractions on anything Vegas. We buy in bulk and also can happen the volume discounts follow me to you.

Locations & hrs of procedure


Talk of the town is open up Sunday thru Thursday, open up 6 afternoon - 5 am; and Friday and Saturday 6 afternoon - 6 am.

The attend to is 1238 S las Vegas Blvd, ras Vegas, NV 89104. We offer transportation via our drivers.

The enntrance gate is quite straightforward, situated on the next of the structure side with a podium when you walk in. If you book with us, lock will recognize you"re coming, and also you"ll obtain right in.

The cover fee is $10 before 8 afternoon (includes one soft drink) when you book with united state online. ~ 8 pm, the sheathe is $25 (includes totally free soft drinks).

Complimentary transportation

***Important Information***

You must get into the auto that we send native the piece Club. Every one of our entry and also bottle business deals include totally free transportation, yet you have to acquire into the car we send to qualify for the deal. The driver will have actually your name and also phone number. Check your information before you obtain in.

Rides to the piece clubs space an ongoing fight with the limo, taxi, Uber, and Lyft drivers in vegas who get a kickback to lug guests to this establishments. We have run right into numerous situations in the previous where these drivers lie to our customers and also tell them that they work-related for the piece Club when they don"t. The huge issue is that if you acquire into the dorn vehicle and also they lug you come the piece Club, you will need to pay for the ride and also a hefty cover fee of $50, and you won"t get any kind of soft drinks.

Our wonderful deal consists of two soft drinks and entry for less than $50. The story"s moral is come make sure you get into the ride us send from the piece Club. That will save you lots of money.

Big Tip: when we say, "complimentary transportation," please understand that it"s because that the drive itself and does not include a gratuity come the driver, so you re welcome be sure to take treatment of your driver.

What is The speak of The town Dress Code?

We have whole section specialized to dress Codes in Vegas. This venue is an upscale Gentlemen"s Club, so typical sense says, dress to impress. Stylish jeans, dress pants, and also dress shoes room considered appropriate attire. This to meet is less strict 보다 the various other Strip Clubs, therefore as far as pair of shoes go, generally, a fashionable pair the sneakers – All-Star or Vans - will carry out the trick.

None that the following will it is in allowed: opened up toed shoes, flip flops or sandals, tank tops, jerseys, sweatpants, baggy clothes, strong gear, bandanas, beanies, or do-rags. Note: Shorts space usually okay throughout the summer months.

The price of drinks

The venue does no serve alcohol. Soft drinks come v your admission. Lock do have Hookah, and also the minimum age is 18 to enter!

Music & Vibe

The music is a mix the Hip-Hop, top 40, and also some EDM hits. In Vegas, we speak to this layout an open up format. You will never hear the complete song together they typically trim down each tune to around two minutes, and also in those two minutes, you can usually gain a $10 lap dance. As much as the vibe goes, there are 10-20 girls in this small place, so expect a nice wild party.

Does talk of the Town have a Guest List?

Since we book their packages, lock don"t require a Guest List. We market a fantastic entry-level transaction for $25, including soft drinks, a ride to the venue, and also entry. We additionally have a ton of great packages. Scroll under to the ar on Packages for every the accessible options.

security & i would Scan

Be certain you have a photo ID, and you must be over 18 year of age, or your entry will certainly be denied! If you room an global customer, you will require to carry your passport; a foreign ID will generally not acquire you.

protection is friendly unless you acquire touchy through the girls, climate they space not therefore lovely.

Table & genuine Estate choices

Being a smaller club in ras Vegas, they deserve to offer a personal room or shower experience for the totally nude dancers. The key stage is wooden approximately eight feet through eight feet, a brass rail around the perimeter, and also a facility stripper pole.

The talk of The town is a "laid-back" locals cave out, an all-nude piece club – think t-shirts and also jeans dive bar.

Below are few of the alternatives for real estate:

main Room

Lap run $10 Locals can negotiate for more time. Countless of the ladies will not get fully nude for $10

They have actually plenty of seating in the key room, roughly 20 small marble tables v comfy lap dance chairs. You are not coming here for the plush high technology design, that is for sure!

private Rooms a full of 4 that them through curtain-covered entrance

In the rooms, two have actually a giant bean bag the takes up most of the room. One is the personal shower room, and the other has actually a swiveling chair.

Private room deals for 3 songs because that $100 and a fifty percent an hour because that $200. Our friend Arnold Snyder has an excellent description the the shower show.

VIP Room usual Rates for vegas Clubs

-About three songs, a two-drink minimum and also $100 to the entertainer -15-20 minutes, a two-drink minimum and also $150 come the entertainment artist -30 minutes, a four-drink minimum, and also $250 come the entertainment artist -1 Hour VIP is $500

Packages because that Entry & Rooms

The packages below are fantastic for pricing in Vegas, especially if you have a larger group of guys and want to acquire a VIP booth if you division up the cost per person-year incredibly low because that a table and also non-alcoholic champagne. We additionally offer a ton that packages that incorporate multiple strip clubs, nightclub party service, every you deserve to eat and drink dinners, and of course, limousine service.

VIP treatment

They don"t have actually much the a VIP staff here since they don"t market bottle service. If you"re in search of a details girl, it should be pretty simple to find in a tiny venue favor this.

Bachelor parties at talk of The town

We are working on number of packages with this venue, and it might be a nice stop in the night if you"d like to gain some nude women without getting intoxicated for her bachelor party. We could always collection up a pregame with alcohol.

We offer all-you-can-drink-and-eat dinner packages great for pregaming prior to heading to the club. We also offer packages that include multiple gentlemen"s clubs, nightclubs, bottle service, and also of course, limousines.

Couples fun

If you"re right into soft drinks and non-alcoholic champagne and also want to view some fully nude ladies, then this is a an excellent stop for you and your far-ranging other.

The speak of The city Entertainers


All the ladies space on phase for around three songs, and the persons that room really an excellent use these 3 songs wisely. To do the show a little much better on the stage, the an initial song or 2 will be the topless show, and also the last song is the all-nude show. They will have 10 come 20 females on any type of given evening, and surprisingly they have a reasonably an excellent roster. You"ll discover some high quality girls and also a few that are a small chubby, but all at once the entertainers are far better than you"d mean by the watch of the building.

To check out the optimal talent in Sin City, have a look at the huge three Gentleman"s Clubs. Here are the web links for Sapphire, Spearmint Rhino, and Crazy horse III.

The Soft Drink Servers

There space some pretty ladies there to serve your drinks, and also they"re working difficult to show you a great time. In numerous cases, lock are just as cool and also as pretty as the sexy dancers. Make sure you take care of them with a gratuity.

Girl groups

The brand-new management go encourage girl groups to come enjoy it the party. However, this is not a male piece club or a male Revue. If her girl group or bachelorette party isn"t looking for copious quantities of alcohol and also like looking at naked women, then talk of the city is the spot!

What you need To recognize

huge Games and Sporting events

Just about every venue in ras Vegas has some fight or large game party. If they present a pay-per-view, there could be an up-charge. Make sure you examine with us if you"re in city on among those huge weekends. Since they don"t offer alcohol, we highly doubt you"ll want to come right here for a big event, but for a post-game spot, it could be simply the ticket.

strip Club Etiquette

Guys, you should know this stuff, no touching, uneven the entertainment artist puts her hands ~ above her. Continue to be somewhat sober, and do not obtain out the line. I composed a finish guide to strip club etiquette, have a look, and also make certain you recognize the deal.

The Entertainers pay to be over there

The ladies need to pay to occupational at this gentlemen"s clubs. Usually, the residence fee is $50 come $100, depending upon the time that the night they present up. Please understand these ladies are independent contractors, and also they are in organization to game you and make money, and time is money. If you have a conversation through a dancer, then you have to tip her. She is there to do money, and also you space they to it is in entertained, and entertainment costs money, especially in this town.

rental the Dancers

Several of the entertainers are likewise professional models and also get hired because that corporate events or conventions. Several of our bachelor parties choose to publication them as setting models. If few of the boys are a little "out that the game," these females make some fantastic table starters. Usually, lock will require a 3 hour minimum time slot.

"Highway Robbery" at the strip Club ATMs

This one is big; usually, the ATMs at every the gentlemen"s clubs space a full rip-off. Intend a $20 "service charge" to use the damn thing and whatever your financial institution charges ~ above top. Bring cash; that"s a huge tip!

piece Club"s Funny Money

"Internal Cash"

All strip clubs have an inner monetary system; it"s a racquet! Here"s how it works. Let"s to speak you have $100 to cash in because that the residence "monopoly" money. The club gives you back $90 and keeps a 10% financial institution rip. Once the dancers cash the in for real money on the ago end, they acquire taxed a 10% bank fee to include insult come injury. So that $100 is $80 in funny money. The moral of the story, carry a wad of cash.

The final Word

After exploring the reviews of this place, I prefer to watch what other human being think prior to giving my very own opinion. Although they have a grasp of crappy 1-star reviews, the recent reviews space all quite positive. Ns guess that"s the reflection of exactly how it"s to be of late.

They do have actually reviews dating back to 2007, and also obviously, a lot has changed since then. Being that there are not that countless all-nude strip clubs left in Vegas, if that"s her thing, this would certainly be a location to check out. Because you currently know the all-nude clubs also way no alcohol, you have actually to present up through a buzz due to the fact that sipping sodas won"t get intoxicated.

The reality that this venue has been roughly for 14 years way they are obviously law something right, so let us recognize if you desire to inspect out the talk of the Town.

How to book

As you deserve to see from every one of our packages and also the reasonable pricing, it"s valuable for you to publication with us and prepay online. The savings are substantial, and also we have the right to lock in your pickup time and also seating in advance. We know if you"re not all set to prepay, however we deserve to still make it happen. We require the number of people in her party – guys and ladies – and also the days you will certainly be in ras Vegas.

My team and I are everyday life and also nightlife experts in ras Vegas v over twenty years of experience. I work with and also have relations at all the pool parties, nightclubs, gentlemen"s clubs, and also shows. We have actually a many buying power, and also we deserve to pass top top the savings to you.

Hopefully, you delighted in my Ultimate guide to The speak of the Town ras Vegas. Say thanks to you for analysis until the end, and also I look front to working with you.

Contact information / inquiries & Quotes


Contact your Surreal host for all your las vegas Nightclub needs. You can reach me straight at 773-459-8133, and also please i ordered it to my YouTube. And also CLICK right here to examine out all my social media networks period.

If you have actually a inquiry after analysis through this guide, feel complimentary to hit increase the Surreal Forum. I am an active daily user and will be happy to answer any type of questions. From mine experience, if you have a question, most likely other civilization will have actually the very same question. I do appreciate your assistance in the Forum.

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Hopefully, you delighted in my Ultimate guide Las vegas Bottle Service. Say thanks to you for analysis until the end, and also I look forward to working v you.