Wynonna Judd, left, and also her mother, Naomi, perform during the country Music combination awards show in Nashville, Tenn., Monday, Oct. 9, 1989. The Judds took home the award for duo that the year. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

There"s no shortage of retro entertainment that glorifies the 1950s, from Happy Days to Sha Na Na. At times, nation music has adhered to that lead and honed in on just how our sped up (and perhaps dumbed down) culture has shed some of the charm we associate v the Eisenhower administration.

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The biggest of these songs, The Judds" "Grandpa (Tell Me "Bout the good Old Days)," says nothing around any certain decade. The works, considering the grandchild narrator most likely doesn"t understand the difference in between the 10-year spans connected with the great Depression, world War II and the years when Webb Pierce, Hank Williams and also other honky-tonk singers ruled the charts. It is in that as it may, the narrator"s assumptions about lost household values line up with what made the "50s perfect time travel location for Ronnie Milsap ("Lost in the Fifties (In the quiet of the Night)") and Randy Travis (with a song actually indigenous the "50s, "It"s simply a issue of Time").

Jamie O"Hara, the writer of Ronnie McDowell"s "Older Women" (ones over 50, we deserve to assume) and also a member the singer-songwriter duo The O"Kanes through Kieran Kane, wrote "Grandpa (Tell Me "Bout the an excellent Old Days)." In 1986, mother-daughter duo The Judds turned the sentimental song into their sixth No. 1 hit because the 1984 relax of "Mama He"s Crazy."

It was one of 4 No. 1 hits off the album Rockin" with the Rhythm and the sixth of eight straight non-holiday singles to reach No. 1. That run ended when Naomi and Wynonna Judd unquestionably commemorated the "50s v a cover of Elvis Presley"s "Don"t it is in Cruel" (a height 10 entry in its very own right).

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While we"re talking about the "50s, it"s precious noting that before The Judds started cranking the end hit nation songs in ~ a speed on par through Alabama, just one duo of females had ever topped the Billboard charts. The Davis Sisters, featuring Skeeter Davis and also Betty Jack Davis (no relation), to be briefly the toast of Nashville as soon as "I Forgot an ext Than You"ll ever before Know" got to No. 1 in the halcyon year that 1953.

As because that the tune itself, our "50s assumption works since that"s once the whole ide of the nuclear, all-American family came to be idealized because that future generations. Assumptions about a breadwinning father, stay-at-home mom and a quiver complete of children point to those post-war years. This household scenario may fuel the narrator"s belief that in much easier times, households prayed together and also stayed together.

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In short, nostalgia sells, and some of the all-time great country acts have been its best salespersons, even if it is Dolly Parton"s taking united state all back to her eastern Tennessee upbringing or Reba McEntire"s adding to the chart history of Don Gibson"s "Sweet Dreams." The Judds complied with suit with this innocent take ~ above the an excellent ole days, and also in the process, they added to their playlist of well-aged hits.

"Grandpa (Tell Me "Bout the an excellent Old Days)" Lyrics

Grandpa, tell me "bout the good old daysSometimes that feels prefer this world"s gone crazyAnd Grandpa, take me earlier to yesterdayWhen the line in between right and wrongDidn"t seem therefore hazy

Did lover really autumn in love come stayAnd stand alongside each other, come what may?Was a promise really something human being keptNot just something they would certainly say and then forgetDid households really bow their heads come prayDid daddies really never ever go away?Oh, Grandpa, tell me "bout the good old days

Grandpa, every little thing is transforming fastWe speak to it progress, yet I simply don"t knowAnd Grandpa, let"s wander back into the pastAnd repaint me the snapshot of long ago

Did lovers really fall in love come stayAnd stand alongside each other, come what may?Was a promise really something civilization keptNot simply something they would say and also then forgetDid family members really bow their heads come prayDid daddies really never ever go away?Oh, Grandpa, call me "bout the great old daysOh, Grandpa, phone call me "bout the good old days