type": "TouristAttraction","name": "Temple Emanu-El that Palm Beach","description": "Temple Emanu-El the Palm coast in West Palm Beach, USA - vision map, attraction information, photo and also list of walking tourism containing this attraction. Obtain offline map and directions utilizing our stillproud.org self-guided go tours application for your mobile device.","hasMap": "https://www.stillproud.org/attractions/temple-emanu-el-of-palm-beach-46235.html","address": "

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type": "PostalAddress","addressLocality": "West Palm Beach","addressCountry": "USA","publicAccess": true,"isAccessibleForFree": true,"availableLanguage": "
type": "Language","name": "English","image": "https://www.stillproud.org/img/gd_sight/46235.jpg","url": "https://www.stillproud.org/attractions/temple-emanu-el-of-palm-beach-46235.html","geo": "

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type": "GeoCoordinates","latitude": "26.721622","longitude": "-80.037999"}All CitiesBecome a GuideArticlesshow_user_acc_blk(1);show_js_inner();#tour_pg .gradient_block width:100%; clear:both; padding:3%; box-sizing:border-box; background-image: linear-gradient(to top, #dfe9f3 0%, white 100%) Temple Emanu-El the Palm Beach, West Palm BeachTemple Emanu-El was the first synagogue started in West Palm Beach. Its background began in 1962 v a group of enthusiasm Jewish pioneers led by Benjamin Lehr z"l, who in collaboration with some Christian clergymen managed to gain permission to establish a charter. Although originally Shabbat services were organized in the Episcopal Church the Bethesda-by-the-Sea, it quickly became apparent that the congregation required its own ar of worship. In 1964, the holy place moved into its first home on Sunrise Avenue. The modern-day sanctuary was constructed 30 years later on in the at an early stage 1990s.Image through Tahmid Munaz™ on Flickr under creative Commons License.Want come visit this sight? examine out these Self-Guided Walking tourism in West Palm Beach. Alternatively, you deserve to download the mobile app "stillproud.org: to walk in 1K+ Cities" from iTunes app Store or Google Play. The application turns her mobile an equipment to a an individual tour guide and also it functions offline, therefore no data plan is required when traveling abroad.Download The stillproud.org AppTemple Emanu-El of Palm beach on MapCreate Your very own Self-Guided Walk to Visit This Sightjarr = "pins":<<"26.721622","-80.037999","Temple Emanu-El that Palm Beach","0">>,"path":<>;Sight Name: temple Emanu-El of Palm BeachSight Location: West Palm Beach, USA (See walking tourism in West Palm Beach)Sight Type: ReligiousGuide(s) comprise This Sight:Top spiritual Buildings Walking tourism in West Palm Beach, FloridaCreate Your own Walk in West Palm BeachCreating your very own self-guided go in West Palm beach is easy and also fun. Choose the city attractions the you want to see and a walk path map will certainly be developed just for you. You have the right to even set your hotel together the start allude of the walk.Palm beach Island local GuideThe city that Palm coast was created by Henry Flager at the finish of the 19th century and has because become a favorite holiday destination for the wealthy and also powerful. The Poinciana Hotel, which Flager had constructed in 1894, was at that time the largest resort hotel in the world and it to be a significant attraction of the city, acting as a magnet for the country's elite. This overview will take it you through... Check out moreTour Duration: 9 Hour(s)Travel Distance: 25.0 km or 15.5 MilesTop religious BuildingsMost churches in West Palm coast were created in the 19th century and are magnificent embodiments of the range of architectural formats of that epoch. Take this tour to discover those areas of worship that space valued not just for their donation to the ar but also for their intrinsic architecture value.Tour Duration: 3 Hour(s)Travel Distance: 6.6 km or 4.1 MilesWest Palm Beach advent Walking TourWest Palm beach city in south Florida has actually no shortage that attractions, especially when it pertains to the downtown areas, such as Clematis Street and also CityPlace, packed with restaurants, shops, bars and clubs. Culture-wise, the city is simply as rich. The Norton Museum of arts showcases American, European and also Chinese art, including Impressionist paintings. Not much from it is the 4-theater Kravis Center... Check out moreTour Duration: 3 Hour(s)Travel Distance: 4.9 kilometres or 3 MilesMuseums and also Art GalleriesMany located within walking distance from one another, West Palm Beach's museums offer you great opportunity to acquaint yourself v the history of the place and to discover some of its eccentricities.Tour Duration: 2 Hour(s)Travel Distance: 4.6 kilometres or 2.9 Milesstillproud.org IncSelf-guided walking tours apps ~ above iOS and Android for exploring cities ~ above foot - they do bus tours obsolete!© 2021 stillproud.org Inc. All legal rights Reserved.AboutAll CitiesTutorialsCreate a WalkArticlesPrivacy PolicyTermsDisclosurediv#footer_branding, iframe#sovrn_beacon visibility:hidden !important; display:none !important window.ga=window.ga||function()<>).push(arguments);ga.l=+new Date;ga("create", "UA-11316775-1", "auto");ga("send", "pageview");