The Anatomy class of Dr. Tulp is a painting by the Dutch artist Rembrandt. The 1632 completed work-related with the dimensions 216.5 cm x 169.5 cm today hangs in the Mauritshuis in The Hague.

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Two world in the painting are particularly exposed: one is the medical professional Dr. Nicolaes Tulp, who explains to the spectators attending the bones muscle. The other is the dead: Adriaan Adriaanszoon to be a violent mugger, he to be hanged because that his crimes. The other world are Jacob Jansz Colevelt, Adrian Cornilsz Slabberaen, Mathys Evertsz Calkoen, Jacob Jansz de Witt, Jacob Dielofse block and Frans valve Loenen, which is most likely both by the bespeak situation, and the facility hand-held paper. Anatomy demonstrations were in the 17th century a society event: lock took location in auditorium similar so-called anatomical theaters; the audience, regularly guild colleagues, students and also dignitaries, had actually to salary an enntrance gate fee. The patience of the people connected in the show position to be remunerated.

The painting

Viewers are shown the social chance dressed as necessary solemn, over there are simply as Dr. Tulp Members of the Amsterdam Guild of Barbers and also Surgeons. That Tulp is greater in rank, shown by the truth that he has preserved to the cap in the hall. ( However, this is a later on compositional solution, since X-rays revealed a cap at the highest possible seated human in the deeper great of paint. ) once the human left in the snapshot and that is in the elevator of all various other viewers, that is thought that these figures only have actually been subsequently placed into the image. One human being is lacking completely: the taxidermist. Dr. Tulp to be a male of science, not of daily business, and in between was fine distinction in the 17th century. The science explained the bloody craft had to carry out another. Consequently, there is in this picture, no cut instruments, rather it close the door in the reduced right edge from a substantial book, it is an anatomy textbook come be. The interesting thing about the painting is one error: elevated muscle ( flexor digitorum superficialis ) should actually be on the within of the Ellenboges ( the is here in the paint outside, but would, according to the nomenclature ~ above the inside have its origin. ) Rembrandt was just 25 years old when he painted the picture. However even in this, namely, in the human being of the dead, mirrors a peculiarity which Rembrandt increasingly practiced in later years: the shading that faces, the tip of umbra mortis.

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Goscinny and also Uderzo Asterix parodied the painting in the band The Seer. The Seer "reads" this indigenous a fish lying on the table in the future, when the villagers standing around the finish of the table. Sebald employs in The rings of Saturn (p. 22 ff) in detail with the painting, specifically with the anatomical errors. In a promotion trailer the the computer game Deus Ex: human being Revolution, the photo was imposed as a sports in a computer-generated animation. The serves as a parallel come the replacement of the arms v cybernetic prostheses. In the movie Barbara through Christian Petzold (2012 ) understood the physician André Reiser the error so that Rembrandt has actually the hand drawn intentionally not correct - together a second right hand. All doctors look at the anatomy textbook and also see the hand as they want to watch this - as presented in the textbook - however not the method it is in reality.