The Bold type 1×09, “Before Tequila Sunrise,” aired respectable 29th, 2017.

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How space we feeling, interlocutor Types? i told girlfriend this episode would certainly make you feeling things, and also I wasn’t kidding. So wipe your tears, and let’s recap what just went down, shall we?

Big things occurred for all of our favorite ladies this week, therefore let’s take a moment to rest it down.



Sutton safety the illustration stuck in the Scarlet office v Jane, Pinstripe, and Alex (courtesy the Donald Trump). She passes the moment with the following:

Vodka (in it’s fruitiest form – Scarlet’s signiture cocktail.)Card gamings (she cheats.)Playing a drinking video game (whoever states “Trump” drinks.)Discussing her starts at Scarlet with Alex and maybe flirting a little.Calling the chairman a “small orange blur.”Walking on (and climate falling off of) Jacqueline’s treadmill.Kissing!! Alex!!Going home with Alex!


Jane, as stated above, is trapped in Scarlet. Uneven Sutton, she’s acquired a large decision weighing on her. She has actually a notebook the pros and also cons i m sorry she add to to transparent the episode. Although she security a most the episode v Sutton, she also:

Meets Pinstripe because that coffee (he was fired from Pinstripe. Can I even speak to him “Pinstripe” anymore? RIP “Pinstripe.”)Spends time v Ryan (ugh) in the Scarlet office, and also they seem come reconnect a little.Has a genderless clothes fashion present with the 3 others (Jane and Ryan invest the remainder of the illustration in corresponding outfits. It’s amazing.)Leaves she pros and cons list in Jacqueline’s office and totally panics.Gets some impressive advice from Jacqueline (basically, “do what scares you.”)Makes her decision. Mrs is taking the Incite job.

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Kat manages to protect against the “trapped in Scarlet” script by heading come the airplane to fulfill Adena, who has actually been prevented indigenous entering the country. She buys an extremely expensive first class ticket simply so she can see Adena, and it’s extremely romantic. They spend their night in the airport:

Discussing a plan to gain Adena out of this mess.Planning a date.Attempting to execute claimed date.Making a PILLOW ft in the airport.Having one impromptu picture shoot in the pillow fort.Teaching/learning Persian (“You room so beautiful,” specifically.)Having sex in the airport. (OMG!)Deciding to go their separate methods (Actually, Kat decides she can’t leave v Adena, yet Adena understands.)Basically destroying our LIVES.

Honestly, exactly how are we going to recoup from this one? With only one illustration left this season, and maybe ever before (#RenewTheBoldType) there’s a the majority of fixing to do in very little time!

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