The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 is underway and also episode 4 has actually been aired. It was a long-anticipated episodes and brothers Rick and also Marty Lagina have uncovered some peculiar items in the previous episodes. And also the best method to do an arrival is to view what Marty said.

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“Well, we know seismic works to part extent, come the degree is however to it is in determined, however we recognize that a brand-new technology shows promise here. We understand that, we understand we have one more very far-ranging find, probably the first treasure this year. We understand that we were much much more focused top top information and also results of experiments and then we room actually looking at depth – yet we’re walking to find at depth so we’re just trying to hone that in, we’re trying to you know cross all the T’s and also dot all the i’s and also then dig.”

Keep analysis to uncover out what taken place in the fourth episode that Oak Island Season 6. However first, a slight revision because that those who have actually just tuned in!

There is an island in the phibìc Atlantic where world have been looking for an tremendous treasure for an ext than 200 years. Therefore far,the brothers and also their team have uncovered a rock slab through strange symbols carved into that mysterious fragments of human being bone and a LED cross whose origin might stretch earlier to the job of the Knights Templar.To this date, six males have passed away trying to settle the secret and according to legend 7 requirements to die prior to the treasure can be found.

The beginning


The illustration starts with the means it ended when the team uncovered a curious crossbow the is considered to be really is the end of an additional long work on Oak Island as Rick Lagina, Craig Tester and members of your team gathered to educate Rick’s brothers Marty and also area archaeologist about a new and potentially crucial discovery. They confirmed them what castle found and also what they thought it was.

Earlier this exact same day, while steel detecting in ~ the beachfront on many 26, Jack and also geophysicist Mike West discovered an unusual steel object about 10 inches beneath the rocky soil.It was used as a fatal weapon as early as the 7th century BC – the crossbow to be for that time a type of high-tech bow and arrow one that might shoot projectiles with an excellent speed fatal accuracy. The arrows or bolts were so carefully sharpened they might even penetrate metal armor.


A middle ages crossbow bolt uncovered in the coast of Oak Island? however if so, how did it obtain here? can it be connected in some means to the lead cross discovered at Smith’s Cove critical year? These space all concerns they needed answers.Meanwhile stack said: “it’s clearly very amazing what they discovered this so-called crossbow bolt, very interesting, a an extremely out of place. I average it’s an exciting object there’s no question around it, the unlike noþeles we’ve ever uncovered before. More significant than the cross!

The drilling continues

The next day, stack Lagina Craig Tester and also Charles Barkhouse head end to the area well-known as the money pit. They are in the early stages the finding the end if recently carried out seismic testing has permitted them come pinpoint the an exact location of the original treasure site an initial discovered in 1795.Just at some point ago, the team drilling started at a brand-new 6.5-inch large borehole well-known as D6. In ~ a depth that 93 feet they found evidence that a horizontal would be followed by a three-foot void. It to be at this exact same depth that recent seismic scanning that the locations revealed what could be a network of secret tunnels.


Is it feasible that rick Marty and also their partners have actually situated one of the legendary booby-trapped overwhelming tunnels? The tunnels which many believe were created in order to avoid searchers indigenous finding this centuries-old treasure vault?


Although the team is encouraged by locating a possible tunnel they are even much more hopeful come reach another one that the attractive anomalies the was detect by seismic scanning – a nearly 30-foot-wide void in ~ a depth of approximately 170 feet. It was at this depth, last year, the the team, when drilling v a 60-inch broad steel caisson, encountered what they believe could it is in the legendary Chappell vault – a 7-foot tall lumber box an initial discovered by endowment hunters william Chappell and also Frederick Blair in 1897. However, rather of penetrating the vault the caisson is thought to have actually actually pushed the mysterious object further down right into the mud and off to the side.

Impenetrable Object

While drilling a brand-new borehole in the money pit area the Oak Island team has just found things at a depth of part 200 feet deep underground, an object that seems impossible to penetrate.They would think that they have encountered the Money Pit, yet now, after hitting the bedrock, they were disappointed. It way they may have missed the large underground anomaly that was indicated on the 3D map produced by the team’s recent seismic scanning. It also way they will certainly be forced to select a various site in the hopes of locating the legend Chappell vault…

Marty: “We definitely didn’t fight the facility of the anomaly and you recognize that’s great and poor news however as lengthy as the drill is down hole there’s hope.”

Examining the Iron


The next day, as Rick Lagina continues to be on the island to begin planning the team’s following steps,his brother Marty Craig Tester and Marty’s boy Alex heads some 50 miles northeast the Oak Island come St. Mary’s university in the city that Halifax.They are meeting when again v associate professor of chemistry Dr. Krista Bruce, an experienced in the research of metals and their chemistry compositions.They room hoping to find out if scientific trial and error on what they believe to be a crossbow bolt.

Using samples carefully built up from the surface of the artifact,Dr. Bristow and also her colleague Dr. Shawn Yang performed a chemical analysis of the metal with the aid of a high-powered scanning electron microscopic lense or SEM.


What’s SEM?

Unlike traditional microscopes which rely on a mix of light and also lenses come magnify objects, the SEM performs scans v a concentrated beam of electrons which can create magnification as much as 200 thousands times higher than an object’s really size. It can also administer a detailed analysis of the items chemistry composition.And as well as iron, manganese was discovered to be a part of the bolt! Manganese?

Manganese was provided in the production of steel and also iron at the start of the 9th century BC. It’s presence in the sample can be one indication the the Oak Island team might be in possession of something much older 보다 what they first thought possible.

Cofferdam construction Continues…

Following his informative trip to St. Mary’s college Craig Tester has arrived earlier on Oak Island to Smith’s Cove, where one of the team’s many ambitious and expensive jobs is fine underway – the building of a huge 525-foot-long steel cofferdam!

Since building and construction of the cofferdam began, just one week earlier the team from urban Equipment restricted has installed nine out of the almost 120 sections of steel sheet pilings that will kind the watertight barrier. When completed, that will permit the site to be totally drained so that it have the right to be excavated not just in the hope of finding historically significant artifacts but additionally the remains of the legendary box drain flooding mechanism that has efficiently booby-trapped the whole money pit area.While Craig proceeds to oversee the cofferdam construction at Smith’s Cove, rick Lagina has dubbed members the the Oak Island team together for critical meeting in the battle room.

The Dramatic News


Rick’s nearby friend, ZenaHalpern has passed far at the age of 88 which come with good sadness for him and also the rest of the team. The brand-new York-based author and also historian spent an ext than 50 year researching feasible journeys to north America by members that the Knights Templar, journeys that she was encouraged were make centuries prior to the so-called exploration of the brand-new world by Christopher Columbus in 1492. 2 years ago Zena presented stack Lagina and also the team v a variety of intriguing papers including one which she believed to it is in a 14th century Templar map the Oak Island.

Rick was really emotional and also at the leaf of his tears, the said: “Zena had very serious health and wellness issues and also our health and wellness was filmed, to be moral as sad together we space by Zena’s passing ns am immensely thankful for having met her. Can’t speak highly enough about her. Her life has certainly impacted my own.”

He also read this: “My love is heavy at the lose of ours dear friend Zena. She to be a sweet however tough woman in love with history I’m comforted in believing she now has all the answer to all of the concerns she ever before had about history. Together she listens to her creator she currently knows the full history of Oak Island and what lies listed below the beautiful surface. I am thankful to have known her. I love you Zena. Rest my dear friend.”


Visit to she Home

Three days after discovering the news of his friend passing, rick Lagina together with his nephew Peter Fornetti take trip some 800 mile southwest the Oak Island come Visit Zena’s previous home in lengthy Island brand-new York.They are pouring through an ext than 50 year of research accumulated by the noted author during her life time research. Stack hopesthat may assist him and his partners resolve the Oak Island mystery.

The Cremona Document

Rick and his friends discovered a many of amazing stuff in ~ Zena’s home and one the the files was the Cremona DocumentThe Cremona paper discovered during the 1970s in a church in Cremona Italy. The so-called Cremona paper is a collection of maps, ciphers and journal entries i beg your pardon are believed to have actually been authored in component by the 12th century Templar items Ralph de Sudeley. It defines his activity at the temple Mount in Jerusalem whereby he is thought to have found priceless religious artifacts such as the holy Grail and the Ark that the Covenant. It additionally details the trip that that made to north America with various other members the the Knights Templar. Although numerous mainstream chroniclers remain skeptical as to the Colonna papers authenticity, rick Lagina is persuaded that lot of the information had within it, is most likely true.


Return come Oak Island

The next day, following this emotional trip, the team return to the island and at the money pit site, the drilling has started at a second location. Lock are hopeful they will soon reach a secret 30-foot-wide void situated at a depth of part 170 feet and also which was identified earlier through seismic scanning.

Using a dedicated sonic drill, the drilling team extracts main point samples the Earth and any objects included within in ~ intervals every 10 feet this samples room then transferred right into a plastic layer so that they have the right to be carefully examined by hand for any kind of important ideas or possible treasure.

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An amazing Discovery

The thing which is uncovered here might be small, but it is rather relevant. That is coconut fiber!In 1804, as soon as the money pit to be excavated by the Onslow company, searchers reported finding a large amount the coconut fiber in ~ a depth of 60 feet. Provided that the nearest coconut tree are located some 1500 miles southern of Nova Scotia, castle concluded the it had been used to do a kind of room the would allow depositors and followers miscellaneous of great value down into the shell.

Could the discovery of coconut fiber be crucial indication the Rick, Marty and the team have ultimately located the website of the original money pit?There space plenty of concerns that still need to be answered.What perform you think of the 4th episode of the show?