inproceedingsRuiz1997TheFA, title=The 4 Agreements: A Practical overview to personal Freedom, author=Miguel Paramio Ruiz, year=1997Published 1997Political Science

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Author’s Bio: Don Miguel Ruiz to be born into a family members of healers, and also raised in rural Mexico by a curandera (healer) mother and also a Nagual (shaman) grandfather. The family members anticipated that Miguel would take on their century –old tradition of healing and teaching, and carry forth the esoteric Toltec knowledge. Instead, distracted by modern life, Miguel instead chose to attend clinical school and also become a surgeon. A near death experience adjusted his life and also sunned by his experience, he began an… Expand
Recasting Agreements the Govern Teaching and Learning: one Intellectual and also Spiritual framework for Transformation
In The four Agreements2 Don Miguel Ruiz, a healer and teacher that studied the teachings the the Toltec in Mexico, describes that the mind dreams 24 hrs a day. Once the mind is awake, us dream… Expand
When us take the time to confront internalized oppression, something we want becomes possible. Urban Atabex Organizing and also Healing in neighborhood Network invites organizers and agents of adjust to be in… Expand
Neo-shamans, Curanderismo and also Scholars: Metaphysical mix in modern-day Mexican American individual Healing
This essay explores just how some contemporary curanderas/os (“healers”) in the American Southwest, in concert through North American brand-new Age clients and interlocutors, have actually incorporated neo-shamanic… Expand
From arts of war to Attila the Hun: A an essential Survey of recent Works top top Philosophy/Spirituality and also Business Leadership
What is the vital to decision-making and also interpersonal skills that space effective and also productive in this worldwide era that cross-cultural organization communications and also negotia tions? Is there something… Expand
Mobilizing Resilience and Recovery in solution to adverse Childhood experiences (ACE): A Restorative Integral assistance (RIS) situation Study
The present empirical situation study gift the Committee top top the Shelterless (COTS), in Petaluma, CA, as an instance of one society service agency employing RIS to break cycles that homelessness. Expand
ABSTRACT This essay examines teaching failure in the context of COVID-19. It supplies autoethnography to convey and explore the influence the pandemic has actually on teaching, as situated against and in ~ my… Expand
This autoethnographical narrative chronicles the aw akening and also subsequent conscientization that a middle-class white woman tea ch r through vital reflective praxis. Autoethnography, Liberation… Expand
The write-up deals through the analysis of Carlos Castaneda’s tradition in the contemporary Czech shamanic milieu, v his literature successors, and also with continuity of his teachings described in famous… Expand
This arts-based thesis focuses on notions of mapping a house of belonging. Through investigating an imaginative ways to re-story ours past, present, and also future, that considers what we might do to meet this… Expand
Introduction The generic principles for recovery from trauma and loss involve the restoration of meaning, the rebuilding of hope, and also the sense of empowerment necessary to regain control over… Expand

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