Which preposition have to I use as soon as asking someone around their idea on/of something in a formal manner? speak "idea on" sounds too informal, but "idea of" doesn"t sound correct.

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For example, i m sorry of these would certainly be the correct usage:

"If any kind of of you could have one idea ~ above what I need to do..."

"If any type of of you could have one idea the what I must do..."

In some examples, "idea of" sounds just as correct as "idea on," or at least does come me.

"I have a rough idea top top what you"re talk about."

"I have actually a turbulent idea that what you"re talk about."

I understand that "of" reflects belonging, and that "on" is supplied to show that miscellaneous is above and poignant something else.

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"Of" and "on" have the right to both be used, however they have actually slightly different meanings and usage:

First, once asking world for ideas, it is usual to speak "Do you have an idea of (something)", however usually when using "on" that is an ext common come say "Do you have actually any concepts on (something)".

"an idea of (something)" means that the idea is solution to the concern "what is (something)?" or "what carry out you know around (something)?":

Do you have actually an idea of his present location?

(The wanted "idea" would certainly be something that answers the particular question "what is his present location?")

On the various other hand, "an idea on (topic)" means that the idea is about a specific topic or area of thought ("on" is basically a synonym because that "about" here):

Do friend have any ideas on Hegelian Philosophy?

(The preferred "idea" is something around "Hegelian Philosophy", yet the question here is an ext "what do you think about it?" no "what is it?")

Now, as soon as the point you"re asking around is phrased in the type of a question, technically one of two people one have the right to work:

Do you have actually an idea of what I must do?

(what is the answer come the question "what need to I do?")

Do you have any ideas on what I should do?

(what carry out you think about the subject of "what I need to do"?)

In many cases, castle have much more or less the exact same meaning, though utilizing "of" can imply much more that you want a single, complete answer to the question ("You have to do homework"), while using "on" have the right to imply that you don"t necessarily mean a complete answer, just any type of information or thoughts would be helpful ("wstillproud.org, ns think doing homework would probably be a an excellent idea, however watching TV would certainly be more fun.")

For your second set that examples:

I have a turbulent idea on what you"re talking about.

This states you have an idea the is associated to the point that"s being talked about (e.g. "I have actually an idea for how to make that thing better", or some such).

I have a stormy idea of what you"re talk about.

This states that you have a rough understanding of the point being speak about.

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So they space really not equivalent in that case. Basically, if you deserve to replace "idea on" through "idea about" and also it still renders sense (and claims what you intended), then it"s probably correct usage. If that doesn"t, climate you probably should usage "of".