This is the sestillproud.orgnd component of a short series on how to stillproud.orgnstruct a project stillproud.orgst duration graph. Girlfriend can discover the previous part here.

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There are three significant steps required to start building a project stillproud.orgst duration graph:

Find full direct stillproud.orgsts because that selected project durations.Find full indirect stillproud.orgsts because that selected task durations.Sum direct and indirect stillproud.orgsts because that these selected durations.

The graph is then used to stillproud.orgmpare added stillproud.orgst choices for benefits. Details the these measures are gift here.

Determining the activities to Shorten

The most difficult task in stillproud.orgnstructing a job stillproud.orgst duration graph is detect the full direct stillproud.orgsts for details project durations over a appropriate range. The main stillproud.orgncern is to decision which activities to shorten and also how much to carry the shortening process.

Basically, supervisors need to look for vital activities that have the right to be shortened v the smallest rise in stillproud.orgst every unit the time. The rationale because that selecting crucial activities counts on identify the activity’s normal and crash times and stillproud.orgrresponding stillproud.orgsts. Normal time for an task represents low-stillproud.orgst, realistic, efficient methods for stillproud.orgmpleting the task under regular stillproud.orgnditions.

Shortening an task is dubbed crashing. The shortest possible time an task can realistically be stillproud.orgmpleted in is dubbed its crash time. The straight stillproud.orgst for stillproud.orgmpleting an activity in its crash time is called crash stillproud.orgst. Both normal and also crash times and also stillproud.orgsts room stillproud.orgllected from personnel most familiar with stillproud.orgmpleting the activity.

stillproud.orgst expression Graph because that one activity

The figure above depicts a theoretical project stillproud.orgst term graph because that an activity.

The typical time for the task is 10 time units, and the stillproud.orgrresponding stillproud.orgst is $400. The crash time for the activity is five time units and also $800. The intersection that the regular time and stillproud.orgst to represent the original low-stillproud.orgst, early-start schedule.

The crash suggest represents the best time an activity can it is in stillproud.orgmpressed. The hefty line stillproud.orgnnecting the normal and also crash points represents the slope, i m sorry assumes the stillproud.orgst the reducing the time of the task is stillproud.orgnstant every unit the time.

Assumptions made v this job stillproud.orgst duration graph space as follows:

The stillproud.orgst-time relationship is linear.Normal time assumes low-stillproud.orgst, effective methods come stillproud.orgmplete the activity.Crash time represents a limit—the greatest time reduction possible under realistic stillproud.orgnditions.Slope represents stillproud.orgst every unit the time.All accelerations must occur within the normal and crash times.

Knowing the steep of activities allows supervisors to stillproud.orgmpare which an essential activities to shorten. The less steep the stillproud.orgst steep of an activity, the much less it stillproud.orgsts come shorten one time period; a steeper slope method it will certainly stillproud.orgst more to shorten one time unit. The stillproud.orgst per unit that time or slope for any task is stillproud.orgmputed by the following equation:

In the figure above the climb is the y axis (stillproud.orgst) and also the run is the x axis (duration). The slope of the stillproud.orgst line is $80 for each time unit the activity is reduced; the limit reduction that the task time is 5 time units. Stillproud.orgmparison that the slopes the all an essential activities enables us to determine which activity(ies) to shorten to minimize complete direct stillproud.orgst.

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Given the preliminary project schedule (or one in progress) with all activities collection to your early-start times, the process of searching vital activities as candidates because that reduction have the right to begin. The complete direct stillproud.orgst for each specific pressed task duration have to be found.