Deep in his love the small white owl had actually colours of every shade but how could he display the beautiful owls the rainbows the danced inside? would certainly they ever before be his friends? would they let him share their world? The tiny white owl had nothing to give other than the stories bumping within him. Yet would his stories be enough to melt their icy hearts…

Publisher: little Tiger PressIllustrator: jane ChapmanPublication: September 2010ISBN: 9781848950856


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...So the small white owl closed his eyes and magical stories came putting from his heart! Colourful tales of castles and also knights and also dragons with fiery breath ... And also blasting v moonbeams and counting bright stars and tumbling down prefer a snowflake!


This is more than likely one of my favourite stories, ever. EVER. Tracey Corderoy is together a brilliant storyteller, and this teaches united state to expropriate others who space different, and that the most essential thing is what’s inside. A brilliant article for youngsters (and adults too), and the tiny white owl is the most adorable character ever. (Click)


This is a really thought-provoking book, making us all, adults and children alike, think about our inclination to referee others ~ above their outward appearances. The small White Owl may look plain and boring in comparison v his brightly coloured fellows, however he has actually the many wonderful fund of story which surprised the other owls and, in spite of their early resistance, they take him to your hearts. The story actually brought a tear to my eye at the end. The illustrations by jane Chapman are wonderful - just look at all the owls huddled with each other on the tree - and also can you think the range of expressions on your faces? This would certainly be a wonderful bedtime story come share v your child and would likewise be lovely to share v a class and as an assembly book.

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I provided this story for an assembly/PSCHE lesson. The moral and also illustrations are wonderful and promoted lots the discussion. An ideal for all main age kids - fabulous descriptive language.

Teach major Magazine Review:

The protagonist that this captivating story, may not have actually a name, but he is nonetheless much more than worthy that his place on the literature branch that fame alongside such various other well-loved owls together Sarah, Percy, Bill and also Plop.

Alone, but not lonely, that is a happy small messenger, whose mission is not, together one might presume given the opening pages, to uncover friends - however rather, come awaken the warmth and imagination the lies dormant within those who space living a limited existence regardless of boasting glowing colours and many companions. Beautifully phrased and gorgeously illustrated, this is an original and enchanting publication that has actually all the makings the a children"s classic; the author"s apparent affection for she tiny hero is irresistible."


An enchanting story of how a small white owl pertained to befriend some fairly snooty brightly coloured owls v the power of his stories.

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Heart-warming and ultimately uplifting small owl speak the colourful owls about his interesting adventures around the world and also slowly they realize the owl is not lacking in colour at all for his love is full of colour and laughter.

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...They say, "Brilliantly portrayed by jane Chapman,The little White Owlis a wonderful snapshot book that teaches kids that there is beauty beauty inside us all. Tracey Corderoy’s tale of an adventurous little bird the sets off to take trip the world hoping to accomplish all way of an excellent friends is a poignant one that is perfect because that a bedtime story. The small white owl is desperate because that someone to share both his toast and his tales with, however will he uncover a friend among the beautiful, colourful, yet disinterested owls?"