A brand-new villain

Phantom the the Rue Morgue (1954): director Roy Del Ruth; authors Harold Medford, James R. Webb; featuring karl Malden, Steve Forrest, Patricia Medina

Warner Brothers" Phantom that the Rue Morgue (1954) is an odd mixture that faithful story adaptation, remake of the earlier fanciful Bela Lugosi film based on the same story, and horror-wannabe.

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The studio had just had actually a vast success through the Vincent Price-led house of Wax in garish colour and also 3D the ahead year and also hoped come repeat it through the Edgar Allan Poe tale.

The time of the story is updated to the last 1800s but the Paris setup is preserved (despite the movie being shot entirely in Hollywood) and also the an easy crime the the story—the mysterious violent murder of a room"s occupants—are retained.

But, as in the earlier adaptation that "The murders in the Rue Morgue", a knavish scientist is front and centre—now referred to as Doctor Marais and played through Hollywood veteran knife Malden. The is the keeper of the ape and also has design on young professor Dupin"s girlfriend. The doctor"s mad theories this time have to do through the killer instinct he believes exists in every creatures. (The duration is post-Darwin now.)

Steve Forrest as Dupin.

In this telling of the story, the early stage chief suspect in the murders is Paul Dupin himself. (Yes, the C. Auguste Dupin the the story, renamed the an ext stereotypical Pierre in 1932, is now rechristened v the much more Anglo-friendly Paul.) Dupin sets around investigating to exonerate himself at first and to conserve his love interest eventually.

The two romantic leads space winningly played by low-profile Hollywood actors Steve Forrest and Patricia Medina. As the in the name of protagonist, Forrest is appropriately handsome and also personable, however like Ames in the previously film he"s overshadowed by the villain, the girl and the animal.

Medina has actually scenes similar to those the Sidney Fox in the earlier film, fending off developments by both the doctor and also his beast and also at one point being lugged into a tree, King Kong-style, through the latter. We gain plenty of female screaming into the camera as fine a fear film.

much of this probably played the end well in the state that 3D in 1954 and reports of everyone who"s checked out it in a 3D rebirth are positive. It"s been presented on tv a couple of times in 2D however it appears to be unavailable ~ above DVD therefore far, which is too bad since, as a 1950s fear film, it"s at the very least partially successful. It reminds me a little of the cheesier Hammer Studio horror movies of the 1950s and also 1960s.

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In any kind of case, the plot careening wildly between Poe"s story and Hollywood sensation, add to the absence of any type of real pundit detective work, renders it another bust because that fans the Poe"s detective stories.