The "father" of scientific administration is

Michael Schumacher.

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Frederick W. Taylor.
Henry Ford.
Eli Whitney.

The three major business functions important to all establishments are

Finance/accounting, personnel, operations.
marketing, finance/accounting, research & development.
marketing, finance/accounting, production/operations.
marketing, production, operations.

Which of these is NOT one of the simple functions of the monitoring process.


Which of these statements accurately captures a existing trend in operations?

There is increased emphasis on neighborhood markets and local competition.
Cost competition is an ext important than any kind of other basis for competition.
Jobs space increasingly committed as workers focus on basic assembly tasks.
Products and services space designed more quickly and by teams.

The organization sector constitutes what percentage of employment in the unified States?

Between 45% and 55%
Between 55% and 65%
Between 65% and also 75%
Between 75% and 85%

Productivity rises when

inputs boost while outputs stay the same.
inputs decrease if outputs remain the same.
outputs decrease when inputs remain the same.
inputs and outputs boost proportionately.

The capital investment annually in the United says usually

decreases uneven favorably taxed.
remains constant.

Which shows up to carry out the finest opportunity for rises in productivity?

raw materials

The person who presented standardized, interchangeable components was

Adam Smith.
W. Edwards Deming.
Henry Ford.
Eli Whitney.

The person who emerged plant-wide quality control systems was

W. Edwards Deming.
Eli Whitney.
Frederick Taylor.
Henry Ford.

An insurance allowance adjuster processes the claims of six policy holders in an eight hour job-related day. The adjuster uses $5 in gasoline and also $3 in forms and office offers to complete the work. What is her labor productivity?

0.75 claims per hour
1.33 hrs per claim
$1 every claim
1 case per dollar

Two car wash employees room paid $7.50 an hour each and also are qualified of washing 12 cars every hour, using $1 of water and also $2 the soap and also other clean supplies. What is the multifactor productivity of this operation?

1.05 dollars every car
0.66 cars per dollar
0.95 cars every dollar
1.8 dollars every car

When a tangible product is NOT included in the service, that is called

a knowledge-based service.
a pure service.
a direct service.
an intangible product.

In the early component of the 21st century, annual productivity growth in the U.S. Has actually been _______ .


Increases in efficiency are complicated to accomplish if

the job is an ext intellectual and also personal.
the task is much more physical and also tangible.
the task is much more good-producing and standardized.

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the task is an ext quantitative and also repetitive.
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