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obtain ready for a rousing rebel yell as best-selling writer H. W. Crocker III charges through bunkers and also battlefields in The politics Incorrect guide to the civil War. Crocker busts myths and also shatters stereotypes as he profiles eminent and also colorful armed forces generals, revealing little-known truths, favor why Robert E. Lee had a greater regard for African-Americans than Lincoln did. Crocker culminates his tome in the many politically incorrect thing of all: "What If the South had actually Won." This is the "P.I." guide that every Civil war buff and Southern partisan will want on your bookshelf, in their classroom, and under your Christmas tree.

Biased, Opinionated, Unilateral, & Naive

Crocker claims that general Nathan Bedford Forrest had actually slaves begging him to take them in as slaves in antebellum times, and also Crocker goes on come claim, therefore, the the Southern servant owners took treatment of lock all, as with Forrest and also Lee. So since two slave owners were decent, thus every one of them were? Really? and also anyone can look increase autobiographies that escaped slaves and also read up around their abuse and also suffering. Crocker prevents pointing the end that the Confederates were an alleged to exchange POWs v the Union, called paroles, and also not claimed to release their obtained paroles come the battlefield, but broke the covenant with the Union, since the Union encountered the same POWs on lot of occasions; thus, the Union ceased the paroling. Crocker saliently worships the South, using high praises for every the states, politicians, and people us of the southerly region. Love for one’s soil is fine, however it borders on neglecting any wrongdoing. The stresses that v Christian faith the southern claims were going to cost-free the servants on your own, if that weren’t because that the pestering and also harassment that the abolitionists, i beg your pardon is just logically paradoxical. He equates Lincoln to King George III; also calls him a dictator. You obtain the impression the Crocker would certainly hail john Wilkes Booth as a martyr and a saint. It’s apparent that there was an ulterior agenda in composing this book. Once I review the title “Politically Incorrect,” i presumed this book would offer seldom read information, and it detailed a couple of trivial notes, prefer Lee hiding under a log from a couple of Mexican soldiers during the mexico war, yet it’s clear together day the the writer perceived the southern of being chaste of any wrongdoing (even neglecting to point out the turning back Underground Railroad, wherein freed people were illegally forced earlier into the slave trade). I can agree that not everyone in the Union were innocent: Sherman was a racist, grant was a drunken anti-Semite, and also McClellan was a useless, incompetent coward. However if you desire an unbiased, impartial publication on the polite War, then look for elsewhere, since this is incredibly one-sided to the point of gift irritating. Myself gift a completionist and wanting to store an open up mind, I compelled myself to end up it, which to be no basic feat.

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If I have to hear him use the expression “was gone with the wind” one much more time from this book, I’m gonna snap.