Remember that time NeNe Leakes wished that a heckler at she comedy display would get raped by she Uber driver?

Well, The genuine Housewives the Atlanta Season 10 episode 16 to be all about that ill-fated comedy present from NeNe, and also boy, it to be crazy. 

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The great thing about getting to watch the consequences play out on display screen is the Nene could not have been any an ext apologetic. 

She knew what she did to be wrong, and also you can tell she felt horrible for the comments. As you may recall, she released a tearful social media video clip after the comments. 

Still, plenty of questioned whether she tenure together a housewive would be coming to an end as a result of her big mouth. 

“I’m so rapid to hit back. I need to learn to not fight back,” she claimed to Marlo Hampton and Cynthia Bailey.,


“I feeling so bad,” she said as she burst into tears. 

“I would never wish injury or abuse upon one more woman,” NeNe added. “I great I can have said something various in the moment.”

We"re sure you do, NeNe, but it go not acquire away from the reality that your comments were downright disgusting. 

While NeNe was all set to relocate on through her life, she was not all set to put her feud v Kim Zolciak to bed. 

NeNe felt favor Kim and Brielle to be "racist trash." 


Kim to be not around to permit NeNe play the race card, so she turned come Sheree Whitfield about all that it, and also Sheree to be Team Kim. 

“NeNe has gone way below the belt,” Sheree said.

“I’m so mad. She has actually spent so countless years trying to sabotage mine name,” Kim claimed of her one-time best friend. 

The true extent of the fight hit residence with NeNe, and she protected calling Brielle racist by telling Gregg and also Brentt that it had racial undertones. 

Now, Brielle never flat-out said anything (that we know about!) come NeNe, so it seems prefer NeNe is do the efforts to adjust the stare to take it the warm off herself because that the points she said. 


“It was mean. It was disgusting. Do I believe Kim is racist? Some things she has actually said makes me speak ‘hmmm…’ ” NeNe said.

The Bravo modifying team was on point with the scene that come after. Castle were all scenes from the previous that found Nene questioning even if it is Kim is racist. 

All told, this feud is far from over, and also we still have actually a many of big moments come watch playing out on-screen. 

Will the pair ever be able to patch points up?


We have no idea, however this is all gaining a tiny bit ridiculous. 

What did friend think of all the drama?

Sound off below. 

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