By now, the whole human being has most likely heard about Porsha Williams claiming the Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker want to take her right into their dungeon and also drug her. 

It"s cast a dark cloud end the latter component of the season, and also there to be a brand-new twist in the story on The actual Housewives that Atlanta Season 9 illustration 23. The twist come in the form of a large revelation native Porsha about who put every one of it in her head. 


When the episode gained underway, Peter, Bob, and Li"l Todd opened up up around the events of the season. Bob was rapid to send an apology to Sheree over the abusive things he stated in Maui. 

I mean, Sheree did worthy an apology, however you would certainly think he would have apologized long prior to the reunion taping. Kandi listed that they should try and store the peace because they have children. 

Everyone seemed to agree v Kandi. It"s not typical anyone agrees with anything on this show, so we"ll take it it while we can. Once everyone wondered about why the other Todd was not present, Peter determined to walk nuclear on Porsha.

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“EXCUSE ME!” he said. “Why is Todd not below tonight? I simply want to understand why Todd is not here because Todd need to be here.” once you think around it, anyone else carried their significant others. 

He"s no exactly contributed much come the narrative, yet still, it must have been annoying for the others. The conversation turned come Porsha"s infant nup and whether she was making the appropriate decision. 

Phaedra advised against being a solitary mother, however Peter chose to rotate on Phaedra in hilarious fashion. 

“YO PHAEDRA, perform you have the totality package?”


Um, alright then. Phaedra then shown that she was divorced and also that she would certainly not delve right into the finer details that her marriage with them. This seemed to piss Peter off part more, as he got up to leaving the set. 

“Where the f— is the drink, dawg? The f— is the drink?”

This is the factor why alcohol usage should be limited at these reunion tapings. 

Porsha then made decision it would be a good idea come apologize to Shamea for every one of the drama she brought about throughout the season. 

“I desire to publicly apples for every little thing I did, whatever I said, but I made girlfriend feel.”


Shouldn"t this apology have come weeks back from Porsha? room they purposefully leaving all of the drama for the reunion? We ain"t purchase it. Shamea bought it, yet seems to be mad that Phaedra supplied to flirt through her man. 

Shamea and Phaedra bickered like crazy, yet eventually, they brought their feud come an end. Porsha then told the truth about Phaedra producing rumors about everyone. 

Andy asked Phaedra why she did no come clean sooner, but she boldly claimed she did not contact her a lesbian. Kandi climate chimed in, saying the Porsha should look to her own experiences with women. 

“Well ns shoulda let friend go under there and eat that then, and kiss my ass while girlfriend were down there,” she claimed. 

“I work for Dish country — ns am in the civilization of journalism,” Porsha fired back. 


She climate said that she does not “want come be well-known as a liar, period.” 

Just as we were acquiring to the great stuff, Porsha said she could not speak any an ext about it because of the cease and desist letter, yet she walk say that Phaedra to be the one that lied. 

“YOU stated THAT?! that I want TO medicine HER?” Kandi screamed just prior to “To be Continued” flashed top top the screen.

Okay then.

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What did girlfriend think of every the drama?

Sound off below!

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