Yes Duffy ~ above The Challenge: All-Stars, i beg your pardon is ~ above Paramount+, yet his original difficulty seasons—Challenge 2000 (season 3), battle of the seasons (season 5), and also Battle that the Sexes (season 6)—are not. (Photo by Juan Cruz Rabaglia/Paramount+)

So for now, ViacomCBS has actually its spread all over the place, and also Paramount+ isn’t a central hub. The affects fact TV and also scripted shows, too: paramount Network sold streaming rights for Yellowstone’s very first three seasons to Peacock, and also so great Network’s marquee present is not available on paramount Plus.

Its other marquee show, the occupational of kind, compassionate arts that is Bar Rescue, is ~ above Paramount+. Well, its an initial six periods at least. Periods seven and eight aren’t top top Paramount+, despite you have the right to buy them elsewhere, and also watch them on straight TV or Fubo.

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That’s basically the instance with many reality shows with absent seasons: they’re all over. You have the right to watch RuPaul’s drag Race season 12 and 13 with a cable login ~ above VH1.com, while there space clips just of season 11 ~ above its manufacturing company’s streaming service, Wow gift Plus.

Some absences are much more obvious 보다 others. The genuine World season 33, because that example, did no air top top MTV, yet on Facebook, i m sorry bought the legal rights to the format, so it holds the streaming rights. (Forever?)

While The real World periods 5 to 11 aren’t accessible anywhere I could find, together with seasons 13, 14, and 19:

While The Challenge periods 1 to 9 don’t it seems ~ to be streaming anywhere:

That’s together a weird assortment—Why walk Hulu only have three periods of The Challenge, for example? Why room 30 and 31 top top Paramount+ however not 32?—and i won’t even start to speculate as to how or why that sort of strategy renders sense. Okay, I’ll speculate a little: It seems that a most these to be piecemeal deals, and now it’s a challenge just to uncover The Challenge.

Because all of this is such a chaos from our perspective together viewers and consumers, I’ve uncovered myself relying top top JustWatch, i beg your pardon is both a website and also an app, and also a completely amazing service. Find for a show, browser to a season, and JustWatch will certainly tell you everywhere it can discover that show. The feels favor magic compared to the shitshow the streaming solutions have developed with their bad user interfaces and also their confusing availability.

Occasionally, I’ve discovered something isn’t whereby JustWatch claims it is, and also I think that’s because streaming transaction expire and change frequently. An ext often, however, I’ve been surprised to discover a present is available, like earlier this year when I uncovered one of my all-time favorite shows, The Chair, top top Tubi—though the is no much longer there, because of food not.

I trust JustWatch’s algorithms and also crawlers to store track better than ns can, so hopefully it’ll aid you, too. And also perhaps at some point JustWatch will suggest us to Paramount+ to find those lacking seasons that The real World and also The Challenge.

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