With so much to see and do in the Bryson City area, the is tough to imagine a day as soon as you can have nowhere to go. But should the happen, over there is constantly The road to Nowhere, a scenic mountain highway the takes you 6 miles right into the good Smoky hills National Park and also ends in ~ the mouth the a tunnel. ~ above the map, that is dubbed Lakeview Drive, however to the citizens of Swain ar it is The roadway to nowhere — A damaged Promise.

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Lakeview journey is a beautiful journey or strenuous bike journey – particularly in the Fall. It provides an overlook of Fontana Lake and access to a variety of hiking trails. Noland Creek trace is about a half-mile before the tunnel at the finish of the road. Walking through the quarter-mile-long tunnel take away you come Goldmine Loop, Forney Creek, Lakeshore Trail and other connecting trails. Over there is a tunnel bypass trail. If you plan to walk v the tunnel you might want a flashlight; and also be conscious horseback riders usage the tunnel.

Trails and Directions (pdf)



The Story Behind “The road to Nowhere”

In the 1930s and also 1940s, Swain County provided up the bulk of its private land to the Federal government for the creation of Fontana Lake and also the great Smoky mountains National Park. Fontana Lake is actually a reservoir for Fontana Dam, i beg your pardon was constructed as a TVA project during human being War II to develop electricity because that ALCOA aluminum tree in Tennessee and for Oak Ridge nationwide Laboratory’s Manhattan Project. Hundreds of civilization were compelled to leave the little Smoky Mountain areas that had been their residences for generations. With the production of the Park, their houses were gone, and also so to be Old Highway 288 the roadway to those communities. The old road was buried beneath the deep waters the Fontana Lake. Fontana Dam Facts and History

The Federal federal government promised to change Highway 288 v a new road. Lakeview journey was to have actually stretched along the north shore of Fontana Lake, indigenous Bryson City to Fontana, 30 miles to the west. And, the special importance to those displaced residents, it was to have detailed access to the old family cemeteries whereby generations the ancestors stayed behind.

But Lakeview Drive fell victim to an environmental issue and also construction was stopped, with the road ending at a tunnel, around six miles into the park. The environmental worry was at some point deemed too expensive and the roadwork was never ever resumed. And also Swain County’s citizens offered the loose Lakeview drive its popular, albeit unofficial surname “The road To Nowhere.”

On but on the weekend throughout the summer, the Park business still ferries groups of Swain county residents across Fontana Lake come visit your old family cemeteries for Decoration Days and also family reunions.

The legal concern of even if it is to develop the road was finally resolved in February, 2010 when the united state Department of interior signed a settlement covenant to pay Swain county $52 million in lieu of structure the road. In 2018, the critical payment was made in the settlement. The State of north Carolina manages the principal and also the county receives the interest each year.

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Download pdf directory with directions to the roadway To Nowhere, long walking trails, decoration Days and also even an ext information.