2) A significant characteristic that the troposphere is the ________.A) decrease of temperature with enhancing altitudeB) presence of the ozone layerC) total lack of water vaporD) boost of push with altitudeE) hottest temperature in the atmosphere

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3) over ________ kilometer(s), the atmospheric pressure is so slight as no to register on an ordinary barometer.A) 0.8B) 8C) 80D) 800E) 8,000

4) The controls the weather and climate include all but which of the following?A) the circulation of land and waterB) latitudeC) the aircraft of the EquatorD) the general circulation that the ocean currentsE) altitude

5) The common percent the water vapor in dried air is ________ percent.A) 0-4B) 5-10C) 15-20D) 25-30E) 45-50

6) The segment that the environment which blends right into interplanetary space is called the ________.A) troposphereB) exosphereC) stratosphereD) mesosphereE) thermosphere

7) The next of a hill sheltered from prevailing winds is the ________.A) windwardB) leewardC) CoriolisD) meridionalE) sunnier

8) The third most numerous gas in the Earth"s lower environment is ________.A) nitrogenB) oxygenC) argonD) neonE) helium

9) Oxygen (O2) is being added to the setting byA) solar radiation.B) animal decomposition.C) meteorites.D) vegetation.E) the burning of coal.

10) ________ is (are) critical to the development of clouds in the atmosphere.A) OzoneB) ArgonC) NeonD) ParticulatesE) Lightning

11) through the exception of water vapor, ________ is the most plentiful that the change gases in the atmosphere.A) argonB) carbon dioxideC) sulfur dioxideD) ozoneE) carbon monoxide

12) The segment that the atmosphere in which gases preserve an around uniform composition is the ________.A) homosphereB) exosphereC) ionosphereD) stratosphereE) troposphere

13) A variable gas in the setting nearly lacking from the greater elevations is ________.A) carbon dioxideB) ozoneC) sulfur dioxideD) carbon monoxideE) water vapor

14) at an key of 16 kilometers (in the lower stratosphere), atmospheric push is around one-________ the what it is in ~ the surface.A) tenthB) thousandthC) quarterD) halfE) hundredth

15) The ________ is the great of the environment where electrified atoms are plentiful.A) thermosphereB) ionosphereC) troposphereD) exosphereE) stratosphere

16) The main affect of ozone top top life top top the Earth"s surface is to ________.A) provide oxygen for the atmosphereB) mitigate ultraviolet solar radiationC) serve as nucleus because that cloud formationD) act as a lid preventing gases from escapeE) initiate violent storms

17) The reduced 80 kilometers or for this reason in the setting in i beg your pardon gases are discovered in uniform proportions is the ________.A) heterosphereB) homosphereC) ionosphereD) exosphereE) stratosphere

18) One-half of the environment lies listed below the key of ________ kilometers.A) 0.56B) 5.6C) 56D) 560E) 5,600

19) The atmospheric great in which gases carry out not maintain a uniform ingredient is the ________.A) ionosphereB) homosphereC) troposphereD) heterosphereE) nobody of the above

20) it is really improper to comment on or divide climate with any kind of record less than ________.A) numerous weeksB) 1 yearC) 5 yearsD) number of decadesE) 100 years

1) The main component of the lower environment by complete volume is ________.A) oxygenB) nitrogenC) heliumD) argonE) water vapor

21) The approximate, indistinct outer boundary the the atmosphere extends exterior at least ________ kilometers over the surface.A) 1,000B) 2,500C) 5,000D) 6,000E) thousands of kilometers

22) Over warm oceans, water vapor is in ~ its maximum and also comprises about ________ percent that the volume that the atmosphere.A) 1B) 4C) 10D) 25E) 50

23) which of the complying with is not gaseous in the atmosphere?A) argonB) cloudsC) neonD) heliumE) water vapor

24) A key absorber that ultraviolet radiation in the atmosphere is ________.A) argonB) neonC) ozoneD) carbon dioxideE) dust

25) The homosphere has the shortest ________ kilometers that the atmosphere.A) 0.8B) 8C) 80D) 800E) 8,000

26) hundreds of kilometers above the surface ar is the upper limit that the ________.A) atmosphereB) homosphereC) troposphereD) thermosphereE) none of the above

27) Water vapor is nearly absent ________.A) in the upper reaches the the atmosphereB) in the lower reaches the the atmosphereC) in the troposphereD) in the environment over sea surfacesE) in the setting over land surfaces

28) The exosphere clues the external limit that the ________.A) troposphereB) stratosphereC) atmosphereD) thermosphereE) geosphere

29) many surface winds in the tropics ________.A) come native the eastB) come from the westC) originate in the SaharaD) originate in the Amazon basinE) originate in the Australian desert

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30) mountains act as major climatic barriers with the sheltered or ________ side receiving much less moisture than the exposed side.A) windwardB) struckC) leewardD) CoriolisE) north