Short answer: since Skinner and his jailhouse "wife" are masters at keeping casual observers indigenous looking at the entirety crime in context.

Their story, closely crafted over decades is ever transforming (contrary to Skinner"sclaims). It is designed to confuse and also distract reader from the truth: that Hank Skinner is a ruthlesscriminal through a violent past who brutally murdered his girlfriend and her family.

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He remains remorseless come this day.

Skinner"s not a dumb guy. He"s a clever sociopathic criminal v a long background of violence and run-ins with the law.

His "wife" is nothing more than a French anti-death-penalty activist and also has to be one for decades--long prior to she met Skinner.She"s a communicator and, choose Hank, can convince you the yellow is purple.

Together, end the years, they have woven what we like to call the "twisty small rabbit hole"that (contrary come what Skinner claims) transforms every time someone finds a hole in your story. Eachtime they change their story, or have one more "revelation", it"s dutifully choose up by many anti-death-penalty organizations and also parroted throughout the Internet.

The recent round the highly-hyped DNA trial and error (which required an ext changes to Skinner"s littlerabbit hole as an ext inconvenient truth emerged) simply confirmed what anyone truly acquainted with this catastrophic case already knew:

Hank Skinner is guilty.

He brutally murdered a whole family and there is nothing that standson it"s very own that exonerates him.

He knows it. We recognize it. Everyone that looks at the entirety crime in its entirity to know it.


Henry Watkins "Hank" Skinner is a convicted murderer awaiting execution on Texas death Row for the brutal slayings the his girlfriend, Twila Busby, and her two sons ~ above the evening of December 31, 1993.

In 2008, Skinner "married" Sandrine Ageorges a French anti-death punish activist, abolitionist and long time fatality row "groupie" described by one news company as having a "gaunt appearance and also an impressive capacity come communicate." Ageorges set about rallying human being support because that Skinner and his claim that untested DNA evidence would totally free him from fatality row.

With respect to all the "DNA testing" buzz: Skinner is nothing much more than a vicious remorseless judge on an proof fishing expedition for something else to rotate confusingly to anyone that will buy his(and his "wife"s") preposterous and also unbelievable story.

Skinner and also Ageorges have a carefully woven website that have the right to be finest described as a series of twisty-little rabbit holes chocked full of technological tidbits come distract reader from backing off and looking at Skinner indigenous a 50,000 foot level. By the moment an unsuspecting leader finishes the 20-page diatribes with closely crafted links, voila, Skinner is innocent!

Skinner"s website bear the dedication: "in memoriam that Jasen Busby" in English and French. Don"t it is in confused. Jasen Busby was not related to Skinner"s victim Twila Busby or she family. Jasen Busby was, in fact, a other cold-blooded killer that was executed because that robbing and also killing 2 teens because "the adversary made execute it."

Nowhere top top Skinner"s website does he memorialize his victims. Come the contrary, Skinner hassaid some very macabre points on videoabout how he "wished" he"d to be the one who murdered the household so he could have "let themout easier."

Skinner"s supporters include a laundry list of abolition-centric organizations and "news reporters" who seem to overlook serious facts that can"t it is in simply explained away. They simply perpetuate this vicious killer"s story. They disregard how often Skinner changes his story, adding another twisty little junction to among his many rabbit holes, every time one "inconvenient" issue is carried up.

Looking in ~ this native a 50,000 foot view of the facts, to believe Skinner is innocent you would have to believe:

Skinner emerged as the single survivor indigenous a horrific crime scene unscathed (except for a self-inflicted part in his hand) attract the victims" blood and also them put on his.

He slept unclothed and untouched v the violent crime just inches far from wherein his girlfriend to be being savagely beaten v an axe handle and her children brutally stabbed.

After the beatings and stabbings (which that slept through of course) he to be "roused" by a mortally-wounded, however energetic, child who assisted him get dressed and also then led him with the murder scene whereby he could bleed all overeverything because that a few minutes.

After leaving the house, the mortally-wounded (but amazingly energetic) young went one way to die on aneighbor"s porch. Skinner ran the other way: 4 block to his ex-girlfriend"s residence where he hidout.

Skinner "told" his ex (threatened she if she did) not to contact the cops. Then he do the efforts stitching his hand up and also hid in her closet wherein he was caught by police several hours later.

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These space the facts of the case.

In bespeak to think Skinner is innocent, you have to ignore the inconvenient contradictions and also accept his ever-changing story and "revelations."

You need to ignore his behavior before, during and also since that fateful night. You have to simply think everything he and his jailhouse "wife" call you. You have to sign ~ above to your "hype-train."