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Summary Excel lets you change many of the methods it displays data in a cell. Because that example, you can specify the number of digits to the best of a decimal point, or girlfriend can add a pattern and border to the cell. You can accessibility and modify the majority of these setups in the format Cells dialog box (on the layout menu, click Cells).

The "More Information" section of this short article provides information about each the the settings accessible in the format Cells dialog box and also how each of these setups can influence the method your data is presented.

More Information

There are six tabs in the format Cells dialog box: Number, Alignment, Font, Border, Patterns, and also Protection. The complying with sections explain the settings easily accessible in every tab.

Number Tab

Auto Number Formatting

There are likewise other cases where Excel leaves the number layout as General, yet the cell contents are not presented exactly as they to be typed. For example, if you have a narrow column and you type a lengthy string of digits choose 123456789, the cell might instead screen something like 1.2E+08. If you inspect the number format in this situation, it stays as General.

Finally, there room scenarios wherein Excel may automatically change the number format from basic to miscellaneous else, based on the characters that girlfriend typed right into the cell. This function saves friend from having actually to manually do the quickly recognized number style changes. The complying with table outlines a couple of examples where this deserve to occur:

Generally speaking, Excel uses automatic number formatting anytime you kind the following types of data right into a cell:

CurrencyPercentageDateTimeFractionScientificBuilt-in Number Formats

Excel has a big array of integrated number formats from i m sorry you can choose. Come use one of these formats, click any kind of one that the categories below General and then pick the choice that you want for the format. Once you select a style from the list, Excel immediately displays an instance of the output in the Sample crate on the Number tab. Because that example, if you type 1.23 in the cell and you pick Number in the group list, with 3 decimal places, the number 1.230 is shown in the cell.

These integrated number layouts actually use a predefined mix of the symbols provided below in the "Custom Number Formats" section. However, the underlying tradition number layout is transparent to you.

The complying with table lists all of the available built-in number formats:

Number formatNotes
NumberOptions include: the number of decimal places, even if it is or not the thousands separator is used, and the layout to be used for an adverse numbers.
CurrencyOptions include: the variety of decimal places, the symbol used for the currency, and also the style to be provided for an adverse numbers. This format is used for basic monetary values.
AccountingOptions include: the number of decimal places, and also the symbol used for the currency. This style lines increase the money symbols and decimal point out in a tower of data.
DateSelect the format of the date from the type list box.
TimeSelect the format of the time from the form list box.
PercentageMultiplies the currently cell value by 100 and displays the result with a percent symbol. If you format the cell an initial and then type the number, just numbers between 0 and also 1 room multiplied by 100. The just option is the variety of decimal places.
FractionSelect the style of the fraction from the type list box. If you execute not layout the cell as a portion before inputting the value, you may have actually to type a zero or room before the fractional part. For example, if the cell is formatted together General and also you type 1/4 in the cell, Excel treats this as a date. To form it together a fraction, form 0 1/4 in the cell.
ScientificThe only option is the variety of decimal places.
TextCells formatted as text will treat anything typed right into the cell together text, including numbers.
SpecialSelect among the adhering to from the form box: Zip Code, Zip code + 4, phone call Number, and also Social security Number.
Custom Number Formats

If among the integrated number layouts does not display screen the data in the format that girlfriend require, friend can produce your own custom number format. You can produce these tradition number formats by editing and enhancing the built-in formats or by combining the formatting symbols right into your very own combination.

Before you produce your own custom number format, you must be conscious of a couple of simple rules governing the syntax because that number formats:

Each style that you develop can have actually up to 3 sections for numbers and also a fourth section for text.

;;;The first section is the style for optimistic numbers, the second for an adverse numbers, and the 3rd for zero values.

These sections are separated by semicolons.

If you have only one section, all numbers (positive, negative, and zero) space formatted v that format.

You have the right to prevent any type of of the number varieties (positive, negative, zero) from being presented by no typing signs in the equivalent section. Because that example, the following number format prevents any an unfavorable or zero worths from being displayed:


To collection the shade for any kind of section in the custom format, type the surname of the color in base in the section. For example, the following number format formats confident numbers blue and an adverse numbers red:


Instead that the default positive, negative and zero part in the format, you have the right to specify custom criteria that must be met for each section. The conditional statements that you specify should be had within brackets. Because that example, the complying with number format formats all numbers higher than 100 as green, all numbers less than or equal to -100 together yellow, and also all other numbers together cyan:


For each part of the format, form symbols the represent how you want the number to look. View the table listed below for details on all the easily accessible symbols.

To create a tradition number format, click custom in the category list on the Number tab in the layout Cells dialog box. Then, type your custom number style in the form box.

The adhering to table outlines the different symbols available for use in practice number formats.

Format SymbolDescription/result
0Digit placeholder. Because that example, if you form 8.9 and you desire it to screen as 8.90, then usage the layout #.00
#Digit placeholder. Adheres to the very same rules as the 0 symbol except Excel go not screen extra zeros once the number you kind has under digits ~ above either side of the decimal 보다 there are # signs in the format. Because that example, if the custom layout is #.## and also you form 8.9 in the cell, the number 8.9 is displayed.
?Digit placeholder. Complies with the same rules together the 0 symbol other than Excel areas a room for insignificant zeros on either side of the decimal point so that decimal points space aligned in the column. For example, the custom format 0.0? to adjust the decimal points for the numbers 8.9 and also 88.99 in a column.
. (period)Decimal point.
%Percentage. If you enter a number in between 0 and 1, and you use the custom format 0%, Excel multiplies the number through 100 and adds the % symbol in the cell.
, (comma)Thousands separator. Excel separates thousands by commas if the format has a comma surrounding by "#"s or "0"s. A comma adhering to a placeholder scales the number by a thousand. For example, if the format is #.0,, and you kind 12,200,000 in the cell, the number 12.2 is displayed.
E- E+ e- e+Scientific format. Excel display screens a number to the appropriate of the "E" prize that corresponds to the variety of places the decimal allude was moved. Because that example, if the style is 0.00E+00 and also you type 12,200,000 in the cell, the number 1.22E+07 is displayed. If you change the number format to #0.0E+0 the number 12.2E+6 is displayed.
$-+/():spaceDisplays the symbol. If you want to screen a character that is various than one of these symbols, precede the character v a backslash () or enclose the character in quotation marks (" "). Because that example, if the number style is (000) and also you type 12 in the cell, the number (012) is displayed.
Display the following character in the format. Excel does not display the backslash. For example, if the number format is 0! and also you form 3 in the cell, the value 3! is displayed.
*Repeat the following character in the format enough times to to fill the tower to its present width. You cannot have an ext than one asterisk in one ar of the format. Because that example, if the number style is 0*x and you type 3 in the cell, the value 3xxxxxx is displayed. Note, the number of "x" personalities displayed in the cabinet vary based on the broad of the column.
_ (underline)Skip the width of the following character. This is helpful for lining up negative and confident values in various cells that the same column. Because that example, the number format (0.0);(0.0) align the numbers 2.3 and also -4.5 in the column even though the an adverse number has parentheses roughly it.

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"text"Display whatever text is within the quotation marks. Because that example, the format 0.00 "dollars" screens "1.23 dollars" (without quotation marks) as soon as you type 1.23 right into the cell.