Man dancing v a cat and pouring tea right into a hat from Edward Lear’s much more Nonsense book in 1871 (Picture: Getty Images)

It is National Limerick Day 2016 – and also the jokes space flooding in.

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But this year they came up a little dry and also given this day is all around having a little of a laugh we had to reach deep into the archives for something a small different.

After a tiny fumbling approximately we come up with, well, these. Ahem.

Yep, it’s a whole bunch that limericks that’ll have you click to shrink your browser. Lols.

Send us your limericks via hey
stillproud.orgUK and also we’ll dd castle in.

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Ready? below we go…

There to be a Young male from KentWhose Rod was so lengthy it bent.So to save himself troubleHe bent it in double,And rather of stillproud.orgming – that went!

There once was a male from Bel AirWho was doing his mam on the stairBut the banister brokeSo he doubled his strokeAnd finished her off in mid-air

A strange young other from LeedsRashly swallowed a package of seeds.Great tufts of good grassSprouted out of his assAnd his balls to be stillproud.orgvered with weeds.

There once was a man from sprocketWho went for a ride in a rocketThe rocket walk bangHis balls walk clangAnd he discovered his cock in his pocket!

There was a young guy from BrightonWho believed he’d at last found a chop ‘un.He said, “Oh my love,It fits favor a glove.”Said she, “But you’re no in the best ‘un.”

There was a young girl of Cape stillproud.orgdWho believed babies to be fashioned by God,But ’twas not the AlmightyWho hiked up her nightie –‘Twas Roger, the lodger, through God!

There as soon as was a man from madrasWhose balls were made that brassIn stormy weatherThey clang togetherAnd sparks fly out of his ass!

There was a young maid indigenous MadrasWho had a splendid ass;Not rounded and also pink,As you more than likely think –It to be grey, had actually long ears, and ate grass.


Remember this one? (Picture: Getty)

Technically a limerick, which dates back much more than 500 years, is a city that stillproud.orgntains 5 lines that rhyme in one AABBA structure.

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stillproud.orgnfused? well it is pretty an easy really. All three of the A lines have to rhyme through each other, and also the two B present must likewise rhyme with each other.

The totality thing should lug an ‘anapestic beat’ – two short syllables adhered to by a lengthy one – the goes other like:

(A) Da da dum da da dum da da duma(A) Da da dum da da dum da da dum(B) Da da dum da da dum(B) Da da dum da da dum(A) Da da dum da da dum da da dum