Judge Walsh, endorsed by three major parties, shares why he need to be chosen in one more stillproud.org candidate profile because that the 2019 election.

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Lanning Taliaferro, job Staff

Thomas E. Walsh II​ is running for Rockland County district Attorney​ in 2019. (courtesy of thomas Walsh because that Rockland County district Attorney)

NEW CITY, NY — Rockland County has several disputed races in this fall"s election, including a gyeongju for district Attorney. stillproud.org asked candidates in the disputed races come answer questions around their campaigns and also will be posting candidate profiles as election day draws near.

Thomas E. Walsh II is to run for Rockland County ar Attorney. His enemy is Mike Diederich. Walsh, who is a Democrat, is to run on the Democrat, Republican, and also Conservative party lines. Diederich is the SAM candidate on the November ballot.

Walsh, 71, offered as one Assistant County lawyer in Rockland from 1976 – 2008. Most recently he has actually served ~ above the bench. Posts include:

Justice of can be fried Court, ninth Judicial ar 2016-19Judge that the Surrogate"s Court, Rockland ar 2008-15Acting justice of can be fried Court 2009-16Acting judge of Surrogate"s Court, Westchester ar 2015-16Acting referee of the household Court, Rockland county 2008Town Justice, town of Haverstraw 2007-08Village Justice, town of Haverstraw 1983 – 2016Acting village Justice, town of feather Valley 2005 & 2007

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Let's go!

The solitary most pressing issue facing our community, and what i intend to do around it.

While there are plenty of important issues facing the next district attorney, I think the opioid and heroin epidemic is the many pressing issue.

In the united States, around 130 human being die every job from opioid-related medicine overdoses, leading to a staggering figure of over 47,000 deaths annually. It"s tragic.

Earlier this year, ns released a plan to attend to this situation called "HOPE because that Rockland," i m sorry will focus on four important areas: a helping however firm hand; offering choices to incarceration; proactive legislation enforcement measures; and also education.

As ar attorney, i am responsible for prosecuting those that break our laws. However, in managing the opioid crisis we must concerned terms with the fact that us cannot arrest our means out of this epidemic.

As such, my office will partner with Hope not Handcuffs — Hudson Valley, aimed in ~ bringing legislation enforcement and also treatment institutions together in an effort to discover treatment alternatives for individuals seeking assist for addiction.

Moreover, i will work with regional lawmakers and also state legislators to enact legislation requiring all public buildings to have actually Narcan ~ above site. In addition, we will certainly offer totally free seminars come teach human being how to provide this life-saving medication and also we will partner with law enforcement and local pharmacies to hold monthly drug Take back Days. Finally, my office will assist the county in hold pharmaceutical providers civilly liable because that this fatal epidemic.

My plan "Hope for Rockland" offers the appropriate balance that enforcement, and also a greater emphasis on prevention, treatment and alternate to incarceration program to attend to this crisis. With each other we can provide "Hope" because that Rockland in battling this epidemic here in our county.

What are the critical differences in between you and the various other candidates seek this post?

The next District Attorney need to 1) enforce the legislation without fear or favor; 2) prosecute, not persecute; regulate, no discriminate; and rehabilitate, no debilitate; and 3) job-related to hold together Rockland County, no divide it. Based on the strong support I have actually received indigenous the regulation enforcement community, consisting of our local, state, and new York City PBAs, I believe I have the experience, legal acumen, and temperament necessary to attain these goals and serve together the following District Attorney. Furthermore, there are numerous issues that call for the attention of the ar Attorney, i beg your pardon I have addressed by releasing significant policy proposals. Unfortunately, my enemy has fail to resolve any of these vital law enforcement issues and also has presented no ability or inclination to do so.

If you room a challenger, in what means has the present board or officeholder failed the neighborhood (or district or constituency)?

I believe the ar Attorney"s office needs to enhance upon the good work that the prior ar Attorney. I am cursed to improving interaction with the public and also law enforcement, advancing vital policies and also initiatives to resolve issues prefer the opioid epidemic and crimes versus revenue (tax, Medicaid, and Welfare fraud), and finally, ensuring the the office has the training and also resources it requirements to better perform that is duties.

Describe the other concerns that define your campaign platform.

Over the food of this campaign, I have laid out my vision for the office of ar Attorney, and also my plans to defend our communities, preserve our top quality of life, and also ensure the Rockland County continues to be a great place come live, work, raise a family, and also ultimately retire, whereby no one will need to leave.

First and foremost, together District Attorney, I will certainly be an elevation voice for Rockland County and also work every job to placed you, the human being of this county, prior to politics. Nobody is over the law and I will fight every day come ensure simply that.

Second, over the last few months, I have actually spent a most time meeting v District Attorney"s throughout the Hudson valley to comment on many the the criminal justice revolutionary that will certainly take effect in January. They have actually expressed deep concern around some the the reforms, especially as it relates come bail reform and also the time of open discovery.

What is crucial to ensuring equality and also justice for both the accused and the victims, is the we have the staff – prosecutors, assistance staff, and IT staff – important to implement this reforms. I"m positive that these lot needed positions will be had in this year"s budget.

In addition, a peak priority for my office will be to ensure appropriate training because that our prosecutors and staff, as well as improved communication and also coordination with our local police departments.

Finally, i think that is necessary that our state legislators work-related with united state to secure added grants and funding to aid implement this reforms and resolve any problems that may arise together these reforms take it effect.

Third, as District Attorney, ns will:

STOP political corruption and enforce the law without fear or favor.COMBAT the Heroin and also Opioid situation plaguing our communities.PROTECT taxpayers indigenous waste, fraud, and also abuse by prosecuting Crimes against Revenue (CARP).CREATE new specialized prosecution systems to safeguard seniors, women, children and also our immigrant community. Protect victims of gun violence, domestic abuse, and also sexual assault.ESTABLISH a working team to ensure that justice prevails in cases where a wrongful conviction occurred.

What accomplishments in your previous would you point out as proof you have the right to handle this job?

I have a 43-year legit record, including over 35 years of judicial experience at the local, county, and also state level. Throughout my career, I have treated everyone who has showed up before me through respect and also fairness. As District Attorney, i will carry out the same. I have actually the experience, legal acumen, and also temperament to take care of the rigors that this job, ensure windy safety, and also enforce the law without are afraid or favor.

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The ideal advice ever before shared through me was …

Judge a instance by the facts, no its appearance.

What else would you choose voters come know about yourself and also your positions?

Like many of you, ns am concerned about the future of ours county, and also the corrosive political corruption that has actually harmed our communities. Integrity in our government and also our public servants is crucial. Together your following District Attorney, ns will adjust the corrupt society in our county by encouraging citizens to take it an active duty in their government and by holding human being accountable for their actions.

I think now an ext than ever, we need honest, independent, principled leadership and also someone through the appropriate experience to serve as our next District Attorney. I am dedicated to serving our community. We need a united Rockland, no a divided one. Together, we can attend to the countless important and vital issues we room facing.

Regardless of that votes for me, one thing I can guarantee is that I will certainly be an elevation voice for Rockland County and also will force the regulation without fear of favor. No one is above the law, and also I will ensure that.