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Image: 3D: death Daddy Digital
Margaret Thatcher, Queen of the Gatekeeping Gaslighting Girlbosses, is stillproud.orging back from Hell, and it’s all up to you to avoid her in the brand-new Doom mod, Thatcher’s Techbase. And holy shit the music is good.

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Doom, the godmother that the FPS genre, needs little introduction. Almost 30 year after its initial release, the game’s modding scene is tho thriving. Even now, in 2021, civilization return to catch the blood magic that this utter classic. The freshly announced Thatcher’s Techbase appears to both record this magic perfectly and stars perhaps the many divisive politician in the background of the joined Kingdom.

For those of you who room unfamiliar through UK politics, you might be wondering why who made a video game about Margaret Thatcher rising from the tenth great of Hell. Allow me acquire you approximately speed. Margaret Thatcher, additionally known as the “Iron Lady,” was a conservative brothers politician renowned for re-invigorating and redefining the country’s right-wing. Because that Americans, shot to imagine a mix the Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, and now make that human a girlboss who truly detests poor people. Yes.

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On September 24th, Margaret Thatcher will increase from her grave. Only you have the right to send her back to Hell.

3D: doom Daddy Digital is proud to current ????????????????????????????????'???? ????????????????????????????????, a brand-new ???????????????? adventure because that PC, Mac, Linux and also whatever the hell you desire to try running the on.

— Dr. Doom Daddy (
letshugbro) September 15, 2021

Thatcher is ideal known because that pushing harsh austerity policies, i beg your pardon wreaked havoc across the country; nationalism, both domestically and also abroad; and severely damaging the strength of trade unions throughout the UK. Her plans hurt a many people and also laid the foundations for the contemporary British right-wing, i beg your pardon is all to say the a many of people hate her and also are glad she now certainly in Hell.

Dunking top top Margaret Thatcher has bestillproud.orge a favourite pastime for virtually every leftist alive, due to the fact that she, again, go untold damages to numerous thousands of stays in both Britain and Northern Ireland. Thatcher’s Techbase is an extension of this time-honoured tradition. This modern, classic Doom mod has custom sprites and enemies, controller support, and several multiplayer modes. What could’ve conveniently been a fast joke appears to have actually turned right into a surprisingly totally featured video clip game with among the finest soundtracks I’ve ever heard (which is providing me significant Paradise Killer vibes). Simply click this embed thing and also listen come this fucking song:

If you want to protect against Thatcher’s return, you deserve to do therefore on September 24th, when the game launches top top “PC, Mac, Linux, and whatever else you want to try running the on.”