One the the pivotal moments in the Tokyo Ghoul anime to be Ken Kaneki’s authorized of the ghoul terrorist company Aogiri Tree after lock kidnapped and also brutally torture him. Naturally, many fans wondered what would drive Kaneki to make such a brash and also crazy decision after all he simply gone through. It transforms out that he had his reasons. But what to be they?

The start of Kaneki’s heel turn 


During Aogiri Tree’s hunt for Rize, the terrorist team stumbles upon Kaneki at Anteiku and also kidnaps him. He’s then handed end to Jason Yamori, that brutally tortures Kaneki till his psychological state starts to break down. That suffers an identification crisis, and also his ghoul side end up lashing out, which leader him to kill and also cannibalize Jason. Afterward, Kaneki decides to leave Anteiku and join Aogiri Tree, stunning both the members of Anteiku and Tokyo Ghoul fans alike. 

Why did Kaneki join Aogiri Tree?


As Jason to be torturing him, Kaneki concluded that not having sufficient power maintained him indigenous protecting the ones he loved. In stimulate to save them safe, Kaneki decided to get stronger. That realized that the only method to perform that was to sign up with Aogiri Tree. 

With Aogiri Tree, Kaneki would fight stronger adversaries like CCG investigators and also other high-level ghouls. As a member, his presence drew the attention of CCG investigators away from Anteiku by being active at Aogiri Tree. But there was an additional incentive the came through being a part of the Aogiri Tree.

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With Aogiri Tree, Kaneki might monitor the hazard of the organization and also eliminate any type of potential hazards to Anteiku. The could likewise learn more about the organization’s leader, One-Eyed Owl, and also find out more about Rize and why she to be so crucial to various other ghouls. The members of Anteiku may not have actually liked it, yet it was a smart move.

Does the same thing happen in the manga?


This occasion was never illustrated in the manga. In fact, the entire situation actually played out quite in different way outside of the anime.

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In the Tokyo Ghoul manga, Kaneki did leave Anteiku, yet instead of authorized Aogiri Tree, he developed his own little group together Kazuichi Banjo to fight the Aogiri Tree. This “Anti-Aogiri” group is also in the anime, yet Kazuichi is the sole leader of that faction when Kaneki join the Aogiri Tree.