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Translatinganalgorithm intoa programming language iscalledcoding the algo- rithm. The products of thetranslation— the code for all thealgorithmsin the problem — are tested through collecting theminto a programand running ( executing ) theprogramon the computer
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The exactly Answer that this inquiry is C) Coding

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prior they decide which programming language to usage or beginwriting code, programmers first develop a fulldescription the the task the regimen requiresto accomplish, dubbed the ________.

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problem statement

Information is most nearlyconcernedto i beg your pardon of the following?


SQL is an example of a ________-generation language.


What is the laststep that the system development life cycle?

maintenance and evaluation

Which step of the system breakthrough life bike analysethe trouble in depth and also develops regimen specifications?


How countless steps space there in the system advancement life cycle?


Decision clues formof binary decisions and also ________.

repeating loops

One the the immediatelanguages is ________.

machine language

What is the very first step that the system development life cycle?

problem and opportunity identification

Programmers this particular day employthe ________ languages many often.

third-, fourth-, and also fifth-

Translating an algorithm into a programming language is referred to as ________.


Which the the complying with assertionsabout pseudocode is TRUE?

It is a text-based approach to documenting one algorithm.

At the time ofwhich step of the system breakthrough life cycle space flowcharts and also data-flow diagrams developed?


PROLOG is an instance of a ________.


Which that the following is/are NOT part of a program's trouble statement?

binary decision

A ________ is a intuitive diagram of a process, consisting of the decision that should be made along the way.


A(n) ________ is a collection of specific, sequential measures that describe in natural language precisely what the computer system must execute to finish its task.


In a ________ system, each action is dependence on the previous step being accomplishedfirst.


What walk a advancement steering committee in a huge corporation commonly do?

handles review of systems development proposals

BASIC, FORTRAN, COBOL, C++, and also Java room all ________-generation languages.


________ is a text-based strategy to documenting one algorithm.


Which assertiondoes NOT explain fifth-generation languages?

They employa collection of short, English-based regulates (such together SUB) the speak directly to the CPU

The 2 main species of decision points room the binary decision and the ________.


A(n) ________ error is recorded when the routine executes.


Most IDEs adda debugger that ________.

helps programmers discover logical errors

________ is the procedureof translating a task right into a collection of regulates that a computer will usage to perform that task.

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Which of the following givesa depiction of fads that an algorithm comprises?


Which of the complying with is the laststage of the program breakthrough life bicycle (PDLC)?

finishing the project

The procedureby which program code is convert into machine language is dubbed ________.