Harvey Dent to be dealt a negative hand in life however he still thrived to come to be the youngest district attorney in Gotham. Unfortunately, great fortune did no last for Mr. Dent. As soon as someone threw acid on his face, scarring him because that life, the descended right into madness and became one of Batman’s greatest enemies.

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The hardest component of looking favor Harvey Dent is obtaining the scarring of his confront right with FX makeup and also liquid latex. His yes, really outfit isn’t so hard. You just need a gray service suit, black color Oxfords, and a red tie. Here’s every little thing you need to look favor Two Face.

How to do Two challenge Costume

1 White dress ShirtWear a basic white dress shirt together the base of your outfit.
2 Grey company SuitHarvey quiet prefers looking like his lawyer persona. However, add a certain evil duality to your outfit by do one next look worn and also ruined.
3Red Tie Add one elegant red tie to your outfit come look professional.
4 black color OxfordsKeep come the smart attire by attract a pair of black color Oxfords.
5 FX MakeupUse FX assembly to produce the details of your Two-Face face.
6CoinAn important prop to complete the look
7 FX makeup – liquid LatexMake use of fluid latex to develop the scar of Two-Face’s face.
8 Two challenge MaskIf girlfriend don’t desire to stay makeup, a mask is the much easier option.
9 youngsters Costume SetTransform your small boy right into Two face with this costume set.
10 complete Costume SetIf girlfriend don’t desire to DIY your costume, friend should obtain this costume set.

Two challenge Makeup Tutorial

About two Face

Two challenge (secret identity: Harvey Dent) was portrayed by Billy Dee Williams which is likewise known for his duty in Star wars as Lando Calrissian.

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The Joker – Jack Nicholson Costume Jack Nicholson’s The Joker’s costume is one orange dress shirt, a eco-friendly vest, a violet blazer, purple pants, a green bow tie, and also a purple hat. He additionally has clown-white skin, environment-friendly hair, and really red lips.

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